3 Hour Fire-Rated

To allow thorough electrical and plumbing inspection and maintenance, full access to these components is required. Double doors access panels offer greater accessibility to critical areas behind walls. If you need to install one in a fire rated surface, get the oversized 3-hour fire rated access panel from Best Access Doors. We have door models applicable for both wall and ceiling installations.

Our BA-FD3D 3 hour fire rated insulated double door access panel for walls and ceilings is the largest fire-rated 3-hour ceiling door available with removable center mullion. It features a satin finish galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel, 2 1/2” of high temperature insulation material, and an electrostatically applied rust-inhibitive prime coat or # 4 polished stainless steel finish on the exterior surface.

This model of wall and ceiling fire-rated panel is manufactured under the factory inspection service of Intertek Warnock Hersey and has a label reading: “Listed access frame and insulated fire door assembly 3-hour fire rating. Vertical and Horizontal Installation. Temperature rise maximum 77° F / 43° C at 30 minutes, 268° / 149° C at 60 minutes.”

Get additional locks or latches when you buy our oversized 3-hour fire rated access door. Our products are available at affordable prices. Order today!