Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 9th May 2017

To keep the facility operational, you can find many commercial buildings with tons of components installed in different areas. Some examples of building components include plumbing systems, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and ductwork systems. Since they work to keep the building running, they will wear out or break at one point.

Your building contractors or technicians will handle the repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately, they might run into a wall without an opening while the component is on the other side of the surface. They have no choice but to break into the wall to access the building component. In order to avoid this, your best option is to install Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Doors.

What is an Access Door?

Most people don’t know about access doors because they are usually hard to notice. You can find many access doors installed in the interior or exterior parts of the building. In some instances, they function as a panel filled with electrical components.

However, an access door can do more than just cover components. Commercial buildings use different types of access doors because they have specific features. An upward-opening ceiling fire-rated access door is an excellent example of a product that allows the building to adhere to fire safety codes.

Apart from giving contractors and technicians convenient access to building components, access doors can also protect them from different things, such as external damage or weather. Most of the time, contractors prefer installing access doors to avoid them from getting tampered with illegally. Most building components will cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace, and your access doors can protect them from dangerous threats.

Even with heavy rains or snowfall, your building components stay dry from the moisture. Best Access Doors has access doors with gaskets placed around the door’s inside. It will keep the area behind the door dry from rainwater and moisture, ensuring your electrical and other building components won’t get damaged.

What Are Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Doors?

Since there are many access doors to choose from, we will focus on the BA-FD2CI upward opening ceiling fire-rated door.

  • It has a 16-gauge cold-rolled steel frame and a 20-gauge galvanneal steel door.
  • Mineral wool insulation provides an additional layer of fire resistance.
  • Includes a continuous piano hinge that opens 89 degrees. The door automatically closes without the need for spring mechanisms.
  • The automatic closure is a critical requirement that meets fire safety standards.
  • The hex head slam latch opens easily with a hex head key. The slam latch mechanism automatically latches when closed on the door.
  • White powder coating provided by Dupont ensures an attractive, scratch-resistant, and durable finish.

Why Use Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Doors?

You and your contractors need to know how the upward opening ceiling fire-rated door can help your construction project. You don’t want to purchase access doors that won’t cater to your needs to avoid wasting valuable time, effort, and money. Some of its benefits include:

  • Achieve LEED Certification

One of its best advantages is that it contributes points to LEED certification. The door certifies for points in new significant renovations and constructions, commercial buildings, and schools in the United States. LEED in Canada certifies points for commercial interiors, new construction, and major renovations. When achieving LEED certification, you establish trust and confidence with third-party validation of environmentally responsible construction applications.

  • Minimize Fire Damage

In some cases, buildings will encounter fire damage, and contractors must install features to minimize fire damage. Your building will have many expensive building components, and having them catch on fire will only give you more problems. You can reduce fire damage by installing upward-opening ceiling fire-rated doors.

When a fire happens inside, the fire-rated doors can prevent the high heat from passing through the door, ensuring it stays safe until firefighters can put it out. Since it doesn’t catch on fire right away, it can’t produce toxic fumes that suffocate everyone near the smoke.

  • Provide Efficient Security for Your Building Components

Most building components require adequate protection from all sorts of elements, such as weather and illegal tampering. You can secure them with access doors because they stay shut effectively until building technicians open them. The door comes in two types of locking systems; hex head cam latches or key-operated cam latches.

Since it stays covered and secure, people will have to think twice about tampering with them unless they want to create noise by breaking the locks or the door. It would be best to consider the upward opening ceiling fire-rated door to protect building components as efficiently as possible.

  • Available in Different Sizes

Some openings on surfaces will require a specific access door size. Fortunately, Best Access Doors can provide different access door sizes to fit the space perfectly. Whether you have a small or large opening on walls, expect different sizes to cater to your requirements. It’s as simple as calling us at 1-800-483-0823 to see if we can provide the right upward-opening ceiling fire-rated door.


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