Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 9th May 2017

Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

If you are looking for a fire rated access door to use in a ceiling, the upward opening ceiling fire rated door (BA-PFU) might be the option that you are looking for. This access door comes in three sizes to suit your needs, 24 by 24 inches, 22 by 30 inches and 22 by 36 inches. You’ll find that this access door has numerous smart features so let’s take a look at all of the things this door has to offer.

Benefits Of Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

Key Features

This door is made for fire-rated applications and as such, it is capable of withstanding heat in a non-combustible setting for up to three hours or one hour in a combustible assembly. The design is made to handle a temperature rise to 250 degrees at 30 minutes or 450 degrees at 60 minutes.

Other features include:

  • A sturdy16-guage cold-rolled steel frame and 20-gauge galvanneal steel door.
  • Mineral wool insulation, which helps ensure safety by providing an additional layer of fire resistance.
  • This door’s hinge is a continuous piano hinge that opens to 89 degrees. The design means that the door
    automatically falls closed without the aid of spring mechanisms. Not only is this door easier to operate and climb
    through and a spring-operated door but the automatic closure is also a key requirement to meet fire safety standards.
  • The hex head slam latch is easy to open with a hex head key. The slam latch mechanism means the door automatically latches when it falls closed.
  • A white powder coating made by Dupont provides an attractive, durable and scratch resistant finish.

  • Helping You Achieve LEED Certification

    One of the best parts of this particular access door is that it can contribute points towards LEED certification. In the United States, this door qualifies for points in new construction and major renovation, schools and commercial interiors. LEED Canada assigns points for new construction, major renovations and commercial interiors.

    Installing the Upward Opening Ceiling Fire Rated Door

    There are two ways to install this access door depending on your needs. The simplest method is rated for one hour under combustible conditions. With this method, the access door is fastened directly to steel or wood studs. No mudding or plaster is necessary because the door’s design includes a flange to cover any rough edges.

    The second installation method is slightly more complex but it provides three-hour protection in non-combustible conditions. With this method, the studs and framework supporting the door must first be wrapped and then the door is fastened to the wrapped frame. Again, mudding or plaster work is unnecessary to give the door a finished look.

    If you have any questions about the BA-PFU access door, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. You can also find more information about each of the three sizes or place an order by visiting our fire rated ceiling access doors page. As always, we look forward to serving you!

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