36" x 60" 2 Hour Fire-Rated Insulated, Double Door Access Panels for Walls

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36" wide x 60" high 2 Hour Fire-Rated Insulated, Double Door Access Panels for Walls

The Largest Fire-Rated Two Hour Door Available With Double Doors and Removeable Center Mullion.  Double Leaf Allows Greater Accessiblity.

Materials: Painted, galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel

Frame: 14 ga steel.   Removable center mullion (max 48”).  Frame Depth 2 1/4”.

Wall Trim: 1-1/4” (32mm).

Door Panel:18ga, liner 22ga with slam latch.

Insulation: The door panel contains 1 1/2” of high temperature insulation material.

Finishes: Paint finish is an electrostatically applied rust-inhibitive prime coat or # 4 polished stainless steel finish on exterior surface

Hinges: Concealed continuous rod hinge. 48” or longer in wall position will be a continuous piano hinge. The hinge is placed on the “H” dimension.

This model of wall fire-rated panels is manufactured under the factory inspection service of Intertek Warnock Hersey) and have a label reading: “Listed access frame and insulated fire door assembly 2 hour fire rating. Vertical and Horizontal Installation. Temperature rise maximum 250° F/ 139° C at 30 minutes, 450° F/ 250° C at 60 minutes.”


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