14" to 15.5" Adjustable Magnetic FlexiSnap Panel - Pack of 4

14" to 15.5"

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14" to 15.5" Adjustable Magnetic Flexisnap Access Door - Pack of 4

Introducing the BA-FLE 14" to 15.5" Adjustable Magnetic Flexisnap Access Door - Pack of 4, your ultimate solution for seamless access and maintenance in commercial constructions. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, these access doors redefine ease and durability in installation.

Benefits that Redefine Efficiency:

Rapid Installation: Save time and effort with an installation process that takes as little as two minutes. Say goodbye to complex setups and welcome hassle-free solutions.

Unmatched Strength and Durability: Built with 20-gauge cold rolled steel for the door and a 24-gauge galvanized steel frame, these doors are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Adaptable Frame: The adjustable frame easily conforms to various-sized openings, offering a versatile solution for different spaces. This feature eliminates the need for custom orders, providing installation flexibility.

Sleek Finish: Ready to paint with a high-quality white powder coat primer, these doors seamlessly blend with your interior décor, ensuring a polished and refined look.

Effortless Accessibility: Providing easy access for maintenance and repairs, these doors ensure that any necessary work can be completed swiftly and efficiently without disruptions.

Features That Set It Apart:

Magnetic Closure: Enjoy the convenience of concealed magnets securing the door, enhancing security and ease of use.

Security Cables: Equipped with two security cables, these doors ensure extra safety and stability.

Flush Design: The flush, universal access door seamlessly integrates into walls and ceilings, maintaining a sleek and discreet appearance.


Material: 20-gauge cold rolled steel door and 24-gauge galvanized steel frame.

Hinge: No hinge, featuring concealed magnetic closure for effortless operation.

Locking Mechanism: Four magnets per polymer corner ensure a secure closure.

Flange: 1 5/16" concealed flange for a seamless finish.

Frame: 24-gauge galvanized steel with perforated folding tabs for adaptability.

Rough Opening Sizes:

  • 5" X 8" for openings ranging from 6.5" X 6.5" up to 8" X 8". Actual panel size: 10.5" X 10.5"
  • 5" X 12" for openings ranging from 10.5" X 10.5" up to 12" X 12". Actual panel size: 14.25" X 14.25"
  • 14" X 15.5" for openings ranging from 14" X 14" up to 15.5" X 15.5". Actual panel size: 17.75" X 17.75"

Finish High-quality white powder coat primer ready for painting.

Packaging: Individually wrapped, with four doors per box, patented in Canada and the United States (Pat. 9,281,664 B2).

Where to Install:

These adjustable access doors are perfect for commercial spaces such as office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, and any environment requiring quick and easy access points for maintenance, repairs, or installations in walls or ceilings.

Let's Get to Work!

Upgrade your construction projects with the BA-FLE 14" to 15.5" Adjustable Magnetic Flexisnap Access Door - Pack of 4, where convenience, durability, and adaptability converge to redefine accessibility in commercial spaces.

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