Plastic Access Door

Not every access door or panel is made of steel or aluminum. They can also be made of plastic. These quality plastic access panels for drywall are made out of high impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers. Choose your size from the available products or request for a custom size which can be made in 5 days.

Plastic access panels are for those who want no fuss, no frills in their installation and use. Its convenience and simplicity stems from the fact that the panel can be removed entirely, while a door is almost always connected to the frame via a hinge. The panel is locked into place with snap friction catches which effectively seals everything up. UV stabilizers work to prevent the plastic material from deteriorating under natural ultraviolet light. Which means normal exposure to sunlight will not weaken these panels.

Its light weight and low cost make these plastic access panels quick favorites for areas where security is not a priority. As far as aesthetics, these can be left by themselves or painted over.

Next time you’re shopping for access panels, consider trying these out compared to regular, metal access doors. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that work the best.