Adjustable Magnetic FlexiSnap Access Door

Conceal components of electrical and plumbing from external damage and increase longevity with the use of access doors and panels. The adjustable magnetic flexisnapceiling access door from Best Access Doors is ideal to use. For a variety of applications, whether commercial or residential, this door type is a sustainable option.  It also provides an aesthetically pleasing way to cover unsightly pipes and wires. 

We offer our adjustable magnetic flexisnap access door - pack of 4 is available in standard sizes 10.5” to 12”, 14” to 15.5”, and 6.5” to 8”. It serves to conceal all unsightly pipes and wires that you may need to frequently access. Its elegant finish and its versatility make it suitable for any room in the house. The flexiSnap magnetic access panel is adaptable and will allow you to adjust various wall and ceiling thicknesses, whether or not there is a stud; and this can be achieved without any special equipment.

The  BA-FLE access panel series from Best Access Doors is designed and manufactured with care in order to offer a quality solution. It is constructed with a 20 gauge cold rolled steel door panel and 24 gauge galvanneal steel frame with perforated folding tabs and 2 security cables; and high quality, white powder coat primer which can be painted or covered with wallpaper to blend in with your decor.

Save time and money by installing our adjustable magnetic flexisnap attic access panel. Buy one today! Call us at 1-800-483-0823