Hidden Flush - Drywall Inlay

Exposed plumbing and wiring is not only a simple aesthetic problem because it can even become a safety hazard. That’s why you should prioritize the installation of access doors and panels as part of your building safety design plan. These building materials conceal and protect important building utilities while allowing seamless interior decor. When it comes to installation in drywall, choose from Best Access Doors’ detachable hatch - flange behind drywall, fixed hinges - flange behind drywall, mud in flange - for wall only, detachable hatch - air /dust resistant, and masonry - drywall inlay.

Featuring one of our best-reviewed products, our drywall inlay access panel with mud in flange- detachable consists of an outer and an inner frame assembly made of high-grade aluminum which is bonded with a special welding process. For doors with sizes of 12" x 12" (305 mm x 305 mm) and up, the access panels are equipped with a safety system to prevent accidental opening. If the hatch is removed, this safety system must be reattached. We offer this door unit in moisture resistant, mildew resistant and cement board.

It is ideal to use the drywall access panel for masonry applications when installing concrete surfaces. Designed to be recessed into concrete wall systems, this access panel comes with predrilled holes for easy installation. Our BA-MW has concealed snap locks that open the access panel when pressure is applied to the spring-loaded latch side. It has a reveal of 1/6 of an inch (1.59 mm) that is visible between the outer frame and door hatch.

Experience fast delivery with every purchase of our drywall inlay panel with hidden flush. To order, give us a call at 1-800-483-0823.