Round Duct Access Door

For your next commercial kitchen construction or renovation project, it is important to include duct access door installation in your plans. A properly maintained kitchen exhaust system is critical to facility and occupants safety. Installing these round duct access panels allow easy access to ducts during service maintenance, thus, eliminating risks of fire due to dirt, grease and oil buildup.

Get your supply of affordable round duct access panels from Best Access Doors. Our designs can give convenient access to your round ducts, easy to install, and assures a tight seal without obstructing the air system.

Best Access Doors’ BA-RD-5090 model is designed to provide convenient, economical access to round ducts. This door features a pull and catch lock system, 1/8” thick by 1” wide closed cell neoprene gasketing, 16 gauge galvanized steel door frame and mill/ aluminum finish. It also has a steel continuous piano hinge for easy installation. All standard sizes are in stock.

Ensure the safety and high-quality performance of your kitchen exhaust systems by installing round duct access doors. See our quality product listings below! Order today.