for Tile Walls

When it comes to floor construction, tiling is commonly-used but can be outstanding on walls. You can preserve your stylish wall tile designs by installing Best Access Doors’ fire-rated uninsulated recessed door for tile walls. These doors can easily blend in with the surrounding material plus the extra benefit of fire protection in areas where you install them. If you want cost-efficient products that are perfect for your commercial, industrial, and even residential projects, our products are ideal for you!

Our BA-FB-5060-TD recessed for tile fire-rated access door is an enhanced FB-5060 designed for use in tiled walls. Its door is recessed ½” and is lined with self-furring lath. Approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for 1 ½ hour “B” label in walls and ULC for 2 hours “B” label in walls, this Acudor product is designed to maintain continuity in 1 2-hour fire barrier wall. This BA-FB-5060 should be used whenever it is necessary to provide access to fire-rated walls when temperature rise is not a factor.

Its special features include an inside latch release, continuous exposed piano hinge, stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel finish, and a universal self-latching bolt, operated by flush key. When master keying is required, doors can be prepared for rim or mortise cylinder locks. 

Enjoy great advantages when you install our fire-rated access panel recessed tile wall! Purchase one today. For order, call us at 1-800-483-0823!