Grease Duct Access Door and Panel

Access to grease ducts is necessary to prevent grease build-up which can be a fire hazard. To allow service personnel safe and convenient entry to these ducts, the right access panel should be installed. Best Access Doors recommends the BA-GDD grease duct access doors. They are perfect for application in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Check these panels today in a wide range of sizes.

The BA-GDD is a UL and ULC listed access door for installation into grease ducts. The 16 gauge steel construction along with the high temperature resistant gasket and sealant allows this door to be grease tight and airtight. This door meets or exceeds the requirements of all mechanical codes. Special product features of this door include 16 gauge galvanized steel, duct cutout template, two handles for easy removal and installation, and a bolt in unit easily installed into existing ductwork. No bolts penetrate to the interior of the duct.

Best Access Doors also carry the BA-AA HVAC grease duct panel. Initially designed to fix the shortcomings of other hood access panels, the BA-AA has become the gold standard access panel for all your restaurant HVAC and restaurant hood applications. This door’s patent pending “Cam-Lock” design eliminates misplacing fastening hardware. It’s the easiest access panel on the market to install and operate. 

Choose our grease duct access panels to install for your next project. To learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime at 1-800-483-0823. Make your first purchase with us today!