Metal Air Handler Access Door

At some point, maintenance personnel will need access to specific areas of your building to do some maintenance work and ensure no severe building issues. This will require easy access to those areas, like air handling units so that they won’t have any difficulty finishing the job. One way you can achieve that is by installing Metal Air Handler Access Doors. 

Metal Air Handler Access Doors provide the best entryway for technicians because it’s big enough for a person to fit through. It also makes their work easier since they don’t have to squeeze through the opening every time they need to access the air handling unit. Some specifications of the product you can learn about include: 

  • Door opening has a rough opening of + ¼"" or + 6mm

  • Continuous piano hinge

  • 16-gauge cold-rolled steel

Don’t forget that you can get Metal Air Handler Access Doors from reliable construction suppliers like Best Access Doors. We guarantee high-quality products in different sizes, ensuring that they fit without a problem.

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