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BA-ATD - Acoustic Tile Access Door

Sound-treated rooms need the same utilities as other rooms, but you can't use a plain access door. For you to enjoy your investment in acoustics, it's vital that you install the BA-ATD Acoustical Tile Access Door

When treating a room to have better acoustic performance, you must ensure the surface remains consistent in level and material. For this reason, the BA-ATD has a recessed door so that you can fit most acoustic tiles up to 1" thick. With this, you won't have to worry about the access door ruining the sound treatment.

In addition, this access panel opens up to 180° with a continuous piano hinge, so you have complete accessibility to your utilities. By default, the hinge is on the long side of the door. However, at Best Access Doors, we can accommodate changes if you need to.

Moreover, the access door is not only feature-packed but also durable. It features a 14 gauge steel door with a 16 gauge steel frame. You won't have to worry about ripping out your sound treatment to replace this access door soon.

Lastly, this access door has a baked white enamel finish right out of the box, so you can paint over this access door as soon as you finish installing it.

Why Install the BA-ATD?

  • Paintable Surface
  • Durable Construction
  • Excellent for Acoustic Rooms

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