Wood or Fesco Curb

Rooftop work is not easy. Climbing and accessing the roof from the outside even creates additional risks. That is why Best Access Doors has come up with sustainable solutions. Our roof access panels are designed and engineered to provide safe and cost-saving access to the roofs of buildings. They install easily over the roof opening allowing convenient walk-through entry to rooftop patios at any time.

Best Access Doors’ BA-RAH series is among the recommended roof hatches in commercial and residential construction. It is fabricated from 14 gauge, A60 galvannealed steel on both curb and cover. Compression springs encased in zinc-plated telescopic tubes are also provided for the smooth operation of the cover. Latching shall include both interior and exterior handles with provisions for a padlock both inside and out. 

Another great benefit of using our roof access hatch with wood/fesco curb is that it’s environmental-friendly, containing recycled/ recyclable material. Customized door sizes may also be produced to satisfy unique construction needs. 

For efficient operation of this durable roof door, compatible ladders and stair access should be used. Call us now for product availability!

Interested in buying our roof hatch with wood curb? Choose from 10 different standard sizes! Talk to our product experts at 1-800-483-0823.