Steel Flush Acoustical Access Door

Whether you need a steel flush acoustical sound rated access door for domestic or commercial installations, Best Access Doors is a perfect choice. Our panels are tested for both quality and performance. Choose between our BA-ACF-2064 and BA-STC series for enhanced sound quality and privacy in a room. 

Meet noise containment and sound transmission blocking requirements for walls with the US patent with Best Access Doors’ BA-STC series. This sound rated access panel features 16 gauge steel frame, 16 gauge steel door and comes with 1'' wide, one piece construction. It also furnished with a Lift & Turn Compression Latch finished in chrome with cup sealing gasket finished in chrome, keyed. 

Meanwhile, our steel flush acoustical access door is ideal for use where maintaining STC Rating (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC Rating (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class) is required. It consists of 18 gauge satin coat steel with silicone perimeter seal gasketing and continuous exposed stainless steel piano hinge. This door has been tested and evaluated to ASTM: E90(09), ASTM: E413(16), ASTM: E1332(16) and certified to STC Rating 64 and OITC Rating 54.

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