Stainless Steel

Do you know why steel access doors are popular among contractors and project managers? Needless to say, steel material is temperature-resistant and strong. For a variety of applications, steel access doors and panels are an ideal choice because of their ability to maintain a cohesive and architecturally pleasing surface appearance. 

 A stainless steel access panel is very useful especially for areas that are exposed to high heat conditions, fire, or high-impact situations.  Steel is typically a very efficient material when being installed near generators, HVAC, and electrical systems. This door can be designed for flush installation in block or tile, drywall, walls, and ceilings. 

You can install our stainless steel access doors in a wide variety of areas in buildings where they are required. At Best Access Doors, we have a product selection that includes fire-rated doors insulated with 2” thick mineral wool for vertical and horizontal installations; flush door with 1” flange designed for quick and easy installation on non-rated vertical and horizontal surfaces made of drywall or any other type of material; aesthetic door with hidden flange which features a truly cohesive appearance due to its well-integrated design of concealing the space between the panel and the flange; and touch latch. We also offer door product specifications such as concealed, exclusive hinge design, a screwdriver operated cam latch, and brushed finish. For custom sizes, you can visit our custom sizes page and fill out our form.

Are you still clueless on what access door is right for your construction project? Check out what we have to offer at Best Access Doors. We offer our products at affordable prices for our valued clients like you! Shop with us today!