Aesthetic Door with Hidden Flange

Best Access Doors’ stainless steel aesthetic access door hidden flange will blend in better than any door on all non-rated surfaces. BA-CTR is the newest generation of all purpose access door—exclusive design and easy to install.

There is no need for mud or plaster when installing our BA-CTR panels. It’s a labor saving alternative to doors with drywall flanges. Among its popular features is the special European type hinge that allows the door, with its beveled edges, to close over the flange. The door model also comes with a brushed finish and can be equipped with a screwdriver operated cam latch. 

Looking for a different lock option? Make a pick from our optional locks and latches which include key operated, hex head, pinned hex head, 4” handle operated, 4” key handle operated, mortise cam latch, mortise deadbolt, ring/tool key operated, and slide latch. You can also choose between a neoprene gasket or no gasket-standard. 

Select from our wide range of these aesthetic panels, we have 16 various commercial and residential sizes to offer you. In case you prefer a customized solution, our professional team will gladly assist you with that. Just make sure to get in touch with our team and provide the specifics on your custom door request.

Make your first purchase of our stainless steel aesthetic access panel hidden flange! Our doors are perfect for your new and retrofit building projects. Be sure to call us today at 1-800-483-0823.