You might want to consider adding a new access door installation in your priority list when renovating a building’s facade. When it comes to the stucco outdoor wall, there is a door material specifically made for the job. Best Access Doors’ stucco access panel meets the requirements of exterior applications and can efficiently protect building components from harsh weather conditions.

From our best-selling list, you can choose to install our new BA-MX-PL insulated exterior access door engineered to withstand years of exposure to severe outdoor elements. This BA-MX-PL has 1” thick polystyrene insulation providing 5.0 R-value. Gasketing between door and frame shall be ⅜” wide by ⅛” thick closed-cell neoprene gasketing.

Our high-quality, galvanized steel door is manufactured with an 18 gauge galvanneal steel door and frame surrounded by 22 gauge expansion casing bead with metal lath. The standard latching system for this access panel for stucco is a lift and turn compression latch including cup sealing gasket finished in textured chrome, keyed. This door is also finished with a prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked with enamel.

We are pleased to introduce our exterior access panels in galvanized steel and stainless steel as a new addition to our selection of stucco access doors and panels. This XPEA model features 2” thick insulated .040 aluminum door and a continuous stainless steel hinge with R-value 5.7. On the other hand, our model XPES consists of 2” thick insulated 20 ga. stainless steel with continuous stainless steel hinge and 304 stainless – No. 4 finish.

These doors are consistent with 16 ga. galvanneal steel frame with flange recessed 3/4”; 2-3/4” wide galvanized expanded metal lath, adhesive-backed EPDM foam, and silicone rubber seals on frame and door, and (H2) non-Locking, zinc die-cast with chrome plating handles. Upon request, a removable flush locking handle can also be furnished. You can also choose optional colors that include bronze, red, black, sand, beige, gray, and silver. 

 If you want to achieve a seamless finish on stucco exterior walls, installing our stucco access panels from Best Access Doors is the right solution for you. If you want to learn about product pricing and availability, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We can also help you with your customized needs.

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