18" x 18" 2 Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls & Ceilings

18" x 18"

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BA-FD2RF 2-Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings  

Reduce your installation times without sacrificing style or quality with the addition of BA-FD2RF 18" x 18" - 2-Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings by Best Access Doors!   

This model comprises a rugged steel frame and door with 1 ½" high-temperature insulation material lining for a 2-hour fire resistance rating. As per NFPA 80, BA-FD2RF features an automatically closing panel door and a locking mechanism that holds the door in a fixed position at 90 degrees.  

Need a High-Quality Access Door?   

Streamlined Installations, Reduced Costs: BA-FD2RF's recessed flanges make installation easier and faster.  

2-Hour Fire-Rating: BA-FD2RF has 1 ½" thick high-temperature insulation and 22–gauge steel liner, factory inspected by Warnock Hersey.       

Well-Hinged: The model's continuous piano hinge allows an opening radius of up to approximately 90 degrees for greater access.    

Self-Closing, Self-Latching: BA-FD2RF is NFPA 80 compliant, with a gravity-assisted, self-closing, and self-latching mechanism for reliable opens and consistent closes.    

Galvanized Steel Construction: BA-FD2RF is made entirely of durable zinc-coated galvanized steel for greater corrosion resistance and less maintenance required.     

BA-FD2RF integrates seamlessly into your walls and ceilings with a low-profile installation in your surface material of choice.   

BA-FD2RF utilizes recessed, concealed flanges for a polished and professional finished product. Recessed flanges also promote flush installation, minimizing the amount of airflow between the door and frame.  

Standard models are equipped with flush 1/8" Allen key with alternatives such as a: 

  • Knurled (turn) knob    
  • 1 1/8" Mortise lock and cylinder    
  • Non-locking handle     


  • Wall or Ceiling: Suitable for models from 12” x 12” up to and including, 36” x 36”  
  • Wall Only: Suitable for models from 36” x 36” up to and including, 48” x 60"


  • Dimensions: 18" x 18”    
  • Frame: 16-gauge galvannealed steel, with 2 7/8" depth  
  • Door: 18-gauge with 22-gauge steel liner  
  • Hinge: Concealed continuous rod hinge  

Note: models over 48" equipped with continuous piano hinge  

  • Lock and Latch: 1/4" flush Allen key with a self-latching mechanism    
  • Material: Satin-finished galvannealed steel with rust-inhibitive white powder coat finish     

Note: Air-tight gasketing is optional and available at an additional cost  

Fortify your structures with the addition of the BA-FD2RF 18" x 18" - 2-Hour Fire-Rated Recessed Flange Access Panel for Walls and Ceilings by Best Access Doors.  

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