24" x 24" Fire-Rated Uninsulated Panel with Flange

24" wide x 24" high

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24" x 24" BA-FB-5060 Fire-Rated Uninsulated Panel with Flange 

Fire-rated walls are crucial for safety during emergencies, providing fire compartmentation and giving occupants enough time to escape. The 24" x 24" BA-FB-5060 Fire-Rated Uninsulated Panel with Flange ensures fire barrier integrity for up to 2 hours and maintains building functionality by allowing controlled access to utilities like electrical wires and plumbing. This balances safety measures with the ongoing functionality of a building, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for future modifications or repairs.

The BA-FB-5060 is a fire-rated access panel designed for use within fire-rated walls. It has been tested and approved to maintain a fire barrier for up to 2 hours, ensuring safe evacuation during a fire.

The panel's discreet design features a concealed hinge, a slim flange, and an automatic closing mechanism for easy access and maintenance. Available in 16-gauge or stainless steel, it has a self-closing mechanism and an inside release for inspection.

Why Should You Use the 24" x 24" BA-FB-5060?  

  • Ensures Uncompromising Fire Rating: The BA-FB-5060 prioritizes occupant safety. UL and ULC ratings confirm it upholds fire barrier integrity in walls for up to 2 hours, providing critical time for building evacuation during a fire emergency.
  • Simplifies Code Compliance: Incorporating the BA-FB-5060 streamlines project approval. Fire safety codes often mandate fire-rated access panels in specific wall applications. Using the BA-FB-5060, you can avoid potential delays or fines due to non-compliance concerns.
  • Optimizes Utility Access and Future Modifications: The BA-FB-5060 goes beyond fire rating during emergencies. Its self-closing latch with an internal release mechanism grants easy access to utilities whenever required. This simplifies routine maintenance, facilitates troubleshooting potential issues, and allows for future modifications to the utilities behind the fire-rated wall.
  • Guarantees Long-Term Durability: The BA-FB-5060 prioritizes lasting performance. Construction options of 16-gauge steel or stainless steel ensure a durable solution. You can be confident this access panel is a reliable investment that won't necessitate frequent replacements.
  • Maintaining a Discreet Aesthetic: Functionality remains paramount, but the BA-FB-5060 prioritizes aesthetics. The concealed hinge and slim flange contribute to a clean and discreet appearance. This allows the access panel to integrate seamlessly into your project without creating a visually disruptive element.

Product Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 24" x 24"
  • Fire Rating: UL is listed for 1.5 hours, and ULC is listed for 2 hours for walls (when temperature rise is not a factor).
  • Material: 16-gauge steel or stainless steel
  • Door/Frame: Flush to frame with reinforced edges, 1-inch-wide flange.
  • Hinge: Concealed
  • Standard Latch: Self-latching bolt with inside release, operated by a knurled knob or flush key (master keying available)
  • Finish: Steel - White enamel baked-on; Stainless Steel - #4 Satin Polish

Don't compromise on safety or functionality. The BA-FB-5060 fire-rated access panel provides a bulletproof solution for your project. Maintain code compliance, ensure unwavering fire protection, and simplify utility access—all in one dependable package.

Choose BA-FB-5060 for enduring peace of mind and seamless integration into your fire-rated walls. Connect with us to request a quote or call 1-800-483-0823. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions.

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