30" x 30" Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling - Upswing

30" x 30"

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BA-CT-3-US 30" x 30" Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling – Upswing    

Tiled ceilings offer several benefits, both aesthetic and practical. Additions such as BA-CT-3-US 30" x 30" Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling - Upswing provide a lightweight, gravity-assisted entry point to lighting and electric controls and concealed HVAC components, with a seamless blend with your tiled surfaces. Our upward-opening access door is barely distinguishable from ceiling panel tiles with a highly durable aluminum frame and door, providing easy access and premium concealment. The lightness of aluminum makes it easy to close and has convenient hanger brackets for a streamlined, efficient, and less labor-intensive installation; the flush-to-frame leaf maintains a seamless surface in drop ceilings.   

Why is BA-CT-3-US-30-30 Best for Tiled Ceilings?     


Stealthy Concealment: BA-CT-3-US-30-30's frame and door make it indistinguishable from suspended ceiling tiles for stealthier access and a flush finish.      

Upward Opening: Our upward opening access panel attaches with a highly durable continuous piano hinge that works with gravity for frequent and reliable opens.

Lightweight and Durable: BA-CT-3-US-30-30 comprises lightweight aluminum with rugged stainless-steel hinges for maximum rust, decay, and wear and tear resistance.   

Increased Access Space: Double leaf access doors offer improved accessibility for maintenance, repairs, or installations    

Versatility and Flexibility: BA-CT-3-DS-30-30's double doors allow more space to work in, so you can access more components where necessary.     

LEED V4 Compliance: This model is sourced, processed, and manufactured from regional materials, which may contribute to LEED V4 credits.      


  • Dimensions: 30” x 30”      
  • Frame: ¼" x 2" x 2" extruded aluminum angle with (4) - ¼" x 2" x 2" pre-drilled aluminum hanger brackets.      
  • Handle: Removable lift handle      
  • Latch: Automatic snap latch   
  • Hinge: Stainless steel continuous piano hinge      
  • Material: Aluminum frame and door with No. 3 mill finish      

Maintain consistent and hassle-free access to your suspended ceilings by including BA-CT-3-US 30" x 30" Aluminum Double Door for Tile Ceiling - Upswing by Best Access Doors!      

Order With Confidence!       

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