8" x 8" Aluminum Frame Drywall Inlay Access Panel for Walls

8" wide x 8" high

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8" x 8" Aluminum Frame Drywall Inlay Access Panel for Walls

Contractors and commercial building owners need easy-to-install products that achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. When it comes to drywall access doors, look no further than BA-F2DF 8" x 8" Aluminum Frame Drywall Inlay Access Panel for Walls for a practical, economical solution that blends with the flush surface of non-rated drywall for a virtually invisible finish.

Built with superior engineering and an innovative design, the BA-F2DF model is one of our best-selling and highly praised products at Best Access Doors. Although we have an extensive product catalog, the BA-F2DF is a unique access panel mud in the flange that comes strong with a high-grade aluminum frame, drywall inlay, and two latches.

Get to Know BA-F2DF

  • Easy to Install: Quick and easy to install on non-rated walls, the door features a removable hatch and mud-in flange. You can significantly save money for your business as the BA-F2DF does not require specialized tools or expertise to ensure accurate installation.
  • Durable and Solid: Constructed from high-grade aluminum bonded with a unique welding process joining the outer and inner frames for added strength and durability. The panel comes with inlaid drywall and touch latches. The door can effectively protect your critical building components from unauthorized access and external damage thanks to its solid construction.
  • Virtually Invisible: With concealed snap locks, the panel is almost invisible due to the hidden frame, latch, and hinges, leaving only a 1/16" reveal between the flush frame and access door. Maintain your space's interior design even after installation!
  • Easy-to-Open: The BA-F2DF features an easy open and close door and concealed snap locks that pop open when applying minimum pressure to the spring-loaded latch side.
  • Safety: The product also features a safety system and non-snag removable safety cable to prevent accidental opening (You need to reattach the safety system after removing the hatch). In addition, if your business operates in a humid location, you can request moisture or mildew-resistant cement board doors.

Important Notes:

  • Available in moisture/mildew resistant green board and cement board
  • Indicate your hinge side preference when ordering.
  • Customized sizes can be produced in every dimension upon request.
  • Drywall insert with screws on sizes larger than 8" x 8"
  • If you need a ceiling model with similar features, please consider the BA-F2DFC.


  • Dimensions: 8" x 8"
  • Frame: Welded aluminum
  • Inlayed Drywall: 5/8"
  • Latches: Concealed snap locks
  • Safety-System: For sizes 12" x 12" and up
  • Reveal: 1/6" between outer frame and door hatch


  • Screwdriver-operated cam latch
  • Screwdriver-operated four-square cam latch
  • Round Cylinder Lock with Key
  • Mortise Cylinder Lock Preparation
  • Hex Head Cam Latch
  • Pinned Hex Head Cam Latch

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