8" x 8" Fire Rated Insulated Access Panel in Stainless Steel


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8" X 8" Stainless Steel Fire-Rated Insulated Access Panel 

Introducing the 8" X 8" BA-FRI-SS Stainless Steel Fire-Rated Insulated Access Panel from Best Access Doors, designed to solve critical problems for commercial builders and owners regarding fire safety and secure utility access. 

Fire-Resistance and Safety: The BA-FRI-SS is a highly trusted fire-rated access panel engineered to comply with fire safety standards from 1 hour to 3 hours. Its core strength lies in its 16-gauge cold rolled steel frame and 20-gauge galvanneal steel door, providing unparalleled fire resistance in emergencies. This fire-rated access panel adds a layer of security to your commercial building, safeguarding property. 

Insulation for Optimal Protection: One of the key features of BA-FRI-SS is the inclusion of 2" thick fire-rated mineral wool insulation. This mineral wool insulation not only enhances the fire-resistant properties of the access door but also serves as an excellent insulator for temperature control and sound dampening. It creates a protective barrier to keep the fire from spreading to crucial utilities, such as gas lines, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC systems, and more, giving you peace of mind during a fire incident. 

Automatic Panel Closer and Secure Locking Mechanism: The BA-FRI-SS is designed with an automatic panel closer that ensures the access door closes securely after each use. This self-closing mechanism guarantees the door is always ready to offer maximum protection against fire. Additionally, the access panel features various lock options, including a self-latching slam latch, hex head slam latch, and even a mortise deadbolt lock. This selection of locking mechanisms enhances security, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive areas while keeping intruders at bay. 

LEED V4 Compliance: The BA-FRI-SS is LEED V4 compliant, which means it contributes directly to your project's ability to achieve LEED certification. It adheres to green building practices and helps reduce environmental impact while promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. 


Dimensions: 8" X 8"

Material: 16-gauge cold rolled steel frame & 20-gauge galvanneal steel door 

Hinge: Continuous piano hinge 

Insulation: 2" thick fire-rated mineral wool 

Lock/Latch: Both included are the self-latching tool-key operated slam latch and ring-operated slam latch. 

Finish: High-quality white powder coat primer 

Inside Panel Release: Standard on all doors over 8" x 8"

Automatic Panel Closer: Standard on all doors 

Packaging: Individually wrapped, 1 per box 


Vertical Use: UL 10B (2009), NFPA 252 (2012), CAN/ULC S104 (R1985), CAN/ULC S104 (2010) 

Horizontal Use: ASTM E119 (2012), CAN/ULC S101 (2007) 


Customer Favorite: Trusted and preferred by commercial builders and owners for fire safety. 

Fire-Rated Compliance: Complies with rigorous fire codes and standards, offering the highest level of fire protection. 

Well-Insulated and Durable: Mineral wool insulation and stainless-steel construction are durable. 

Self-Closing and Self-Locking: The access panel is always ready to safeguard against fire and unauthorized access. 

Inside Panel Release: Allows occupants to open the door from the inside for added safety during emergencies. 

For all your fire-rated access needs, the BA-FRI-SS 8" X 8" Fire-Rated Insulated Access Panel in Stainless Steel is the ultimate solution, combining fire resistance, insulation, and secure locking mechanisms to protect your building and its occupants in the event of a fire. Trust Best Access Doors, the industry leader in quality access doors, to provide you with the highest safety and reliability. 

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