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Another NFPA and Warnock Hersey International-approved access door and panel that residential, industrial, and commercial builders prefer is the BA-FRS model, which primary purpose is to contain smoke and fire during fire outbreaks.

The Standard Fire-Rated Access Door BA-FRS model roof hatch is one of most building contractors' preferred access panels. It provides quick and easy installation on any surface for the service personnel to have hassle-free maintenance and repair.

The BA-FRS has easy-to-open panels that provide quick access to hassle-free maintenance and repair.

The BA-FRS's primary material is fire-rated steel that can prevent the spread of fire for up to three hours. Match the access door with fire-rated ceilings and walls for the best results.

Why Choose BA-FRS?  

  • Easy Installation
  • Accessibility
  • Durability

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