Easy installation of self-closing and self-locking plaster access panel is an ideal solution for plaster-covered walls and ceilings. Hence, you may best opt for Best Access Doors durable and efficient access doors to provide entry to components inside the wall or ceiling. You can choose between our fire-rated, flush, and recessed plaster access doors to best match your needs.

One of our fire-rated plaster panels is the BA-PFI-PLY insulated access door with plaster flange rated by Intertel - Warnock Hersey. Once covered with plaster, the 2 ¾” lath flange will disappear leaving only the door panel visible. This access door is also provided with self-closing and self-locking features once the installation is complete and the springs are hooked to the back of the panel to meet the UL standards.

For flush installation in plaster-covered surfaces, Best Access Doors recommends the BA-PS-5030 access door series that equips a finished flush with the plaster. With this model, reinforcement is added by an expansion casing bead with 3” wide galvanized lath, included as part of the frame that provides a clean, and tight finish between the frame and plaster. Our products’ unique concealed hinge and screwdriver operated cam latches allow the door panel to operate freely without binding, sagging, and distortion.