144" x 144" Stainless Steel Equipment Roof Hatch - Double Leaf

144" x 144"

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144” x 144” - Stainless Steel Equipment Hatch – Double Leaf  

BA-BRHES-D 144" x 144" - Stainless Steel Equipment Hatch – Double Leaf is your go-to solution for seamless access to rooftop equipment. BA-BRHES-D provides significant clearance with an extra-large double leaf design to transport large equipment. Optimized by Best Access Doors and engineered for performance, BA-BRHES-D makes equipment installations completely hassle-free with gas-spring dampers for consistent, controlled lift assistance and one-handed operation. With automatic hold-open arms, BA-BRHES-D's user-friendly design makes tasks much easier. And with polystyrene and fiberboard insulation, you get the best of both worlds for exceptional thermal resistance!    

Get to Know BA-BRHES-D!  

Extensive Equipment Access: Best Access Doors offers BA-BRHES-D in larger standard sizes, and an extra-large, double-leaf frame. Comfortably transport equipment to and from the jobsite with ease!  
One-Handed Operation: BA-BRHES-D allows easy rooftop access with zinc-plated exterior and interior turn handles, a gas-spring lift-assisted leaf door, and automatic hold-open arms.   
EZ Tab for Easy Mounting: BA-BRHES-D is a single-wall curb hatch with a mounting flange with EZ tabs that make installations quicker and hassle-free.  
Note: Double wall, curb mount, and double wall with no counterflashing alternatives are available; please contact our staff to request.  

Enhanced Insulation: BA-BRHES-D features 1" polystyrene insulation within its cover and fiberboard around its curb for enhanced thermal resistance. Your buildings and budget will benefit from less energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint.   

Note: 1" and 2" Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation is available as alternatives; please contact our staff to request. 

Highly Durable & Weathertight Construction: BA-BRHES-D comprises rugged, heavy-gauge Type 304 stainless steel, with zinc-plated hardware ensuring years of dependability with minimal maintenance requirements. And with extruded EDPM backend gaskets around its cover, outside elements are a non-factor.   

Note: Stainless steel hardware is available as an alternative; please contact our staff to request it.   

Structural Reinforcement: BA-BRHES-D provides live-load support of up to 40 pounds per square foot of load-bearing support to your rooftops.    


  • Dimensions: 144” x 144”      
  • Material: 14-gauge Type 304 stainless steel     
  • Cover: Formed stainless steel cover internally reinforced for 40 psf live load  
  • Curb: Single wall curb with EZ tab counterflashing and mounting flange    
  • Gasket: Extruded EPDM adhesive-backed gasket seal, continuous around cover   
  • Hinges: Zinc-plated steel tamper-proof   
  • Latch: Zinc-plated steel latch with exterior and interior turn handles and padlock hasps    
  • Lift-Assistance: Gas spring with damper for lift-assistance; automatic hold-open arms lock cover in place  
  • Finish: 2B matte stainless steel    

Elevate your rooftop access experience with the reliable and user-friendly BA-BRHES-D 144" x 144" - Stainless Steel Equipment Hatch – Double Leaf by Best Access Doors.   

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