18" x 24" Plastered Wall Panel

18" wide x 24" high

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18" x 24" Plastered Wall Panel

Introducing the BA-PW 18" x 24" Plastered Wall Panel from Best Access Doors—an impeccable solution crafted to seamlessly integrate into plaster constructions while offering unmatched convenience and durability. Tailored to exceed expectations, this access door combines superior functionality with robust materials, ensuring a perfect fit for various settings.

Reasons to Choose BA-PW

Built to Last: Crafted from high-quality 16-gauge galvannealed steel, the BA-PW Access Door boasts resilience and longevity.

Sleek Appearance: Its prime coat finish offers an elegant appearance and flexibility for easy painting, allowing you to harmonize it with any interior design scheme effortlessly.

Smooth Operation: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the concealed pivoting rod hinge and screwdriver-operated latch guarantee smooth operation while maintaining a discreet profile.

Lock Options: Furthermore, customers can choose their preferred latching system—the screwdriver latch, Allen key latch, cylinder key lock, or cylinder lock with a dust shutter—tailoring security and access to their exact needs.

Designed for Plaster Walls: This wall-mounted access door is engineered explicitly for plaster constructions, featuring a 3/4-inch plaster ground that seamlessly integrates with plaster finishes, ensuring a flawless, polished look once installed.

Strong and Sturdy: The door and frame, constructed from 16-gauge galvannealed steel, exhibit exceptional strength and sturdiness, while the frame's 1/4-inch mounting holes simplify and expedite the installation process.


Material: Access door and frame fabricated from 16-gauge galvannealed steel

Finish: Prime coat finish suitable for painting

Hinge: Concealed pivoting rod hinge for seamless operation

Lock: Screwdriver-operated latch for effortless access

Mount: Wall-mounted design

Options: Options for latching systems: screwdriver latch, Allen key latch, cylinder key lock, cylinder lock with dust shutter

Designed for Plaster: Specifically designed with a 3/4-inch plaster ground for a plaster finish.

Mounting Holes: The frame is equipped with 1/4-inch mounting holes for easy installation.

Let's Get to Work!

This BA-PW 18" x 24" Plastered Wall Panel from Best Access Doors is the ultimate fusion of durability, functionality, and adaptability. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, this access door is your reliable companion, seamlessly blending into plastered walls while providing easy and secure access whenever required. Experience the assurance of quality craftsmanship and effortless functionality with the BA-PW Access Door. Call us at 1-800-483-0823 to get started. If you need a custom size, just ask us.

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