36" x 36" High Security Panel

36" wide x 36" high

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36" x 36" High Security Access Door 
The BA-PHS 36" x 36" High Security Access Door provides a robust solution for securing sensitive areas within your project. This feature-rich access point combines exceptional security with a low-profile design, which is ideal for various demanding applications. 
Tailored for meticulous professionals like you, this product offers a range of benefits that address critical needs in construction projects, such as:

  • Server Rooms: Protect critical IT equipment with the BA-PHS' high-security features from unauthorized access. 
  • Electrical Rooms: Ensure the safety and security of electrical components with the BA-PHS' robust construction. 
  • Vaults & Cash Rooms: The BA-PHS' multi-point locking system and concealed hinges provide an ideal solution for safeguarding valuables. 
  • Data Centers: Maintain restricted access to sensitive data storage areas with the BA-PHS' high-security design. 

Enhance Your Security Measures with the BA-PHS 

Heavy Duty Construction: Deter vandalism and breach attempts with BA-PHS' thick 10-gauge steel frame, heavy-duty butt hinges and mortise lock preparations standard on all models. 
Note: Alternate lock options are available; please consult this model's spec sheet.

Versatile Applications: BA-PHS is ideal for a wide range of applications in walls and ceilings, including commercial, residential, industrial, educational, and healthcare facilities. 

Flush Design: This flush, high-security solution seamlessly integrates into walls, maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic and indistinguishable finish.  
Exposed Flange: This design simplifies installation into various wall and ceiling finishes, saving time and labour costs. 

  • Dimensions: 36" x 36"
  • Material: 16-gauge cold rolled steel door and hot-rolled steel stamped frame with a 2" x 2" x 1/16" angle 
  • Hinge: 3" x 3" heavy-duty butt hinge of 13-gauge cold, rolled steel 
  • Locking Mechanism: Mortise deadbolt lock 
  • Flange: 2" exposed flange, made of hot-rolled and stamped steel 
  • Frame: 2" in depth, made of hot-rolled and stamped steel 
  • Rough Opening: Door sizes + ¼" + 6 mm 
  • Finish: High-quality white powder coat primer 
  • Packaging: Individually wrapped, 1 door per box

Don't compromise on security or aesthetics. The BA-PHS 36" x 36" High Security Access Door is the ideal solution for demanding projects where high-level protection and a clean, professional finish are essential.

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