When you partner with Best Access Doors, you are assured to only receive high-quality products and world-class service. We offer nothing but innovative and economical solutions, and the BA-BP-II-58 Virtually Invisible Access Panel provides both. It is a concealed gypsum access panel that blends seamlessly into your wall or ceiling. Once installed, a clean 1/16" reveal is all that remains visible. It also guaranteed acoustic integrity with its continuous perimeter gasket in the frame.

The BA-BP-II-58 is applicable for drywall, plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, sheetrock, or gyprock. This all-aluminum hardware offers supreme durability while staying concealed in walls and ceilings. It has tons of other mind-blowing features, such as:

Strong concealed aluminum frame and hardware
Concealed mechanical touch-latch
Lift-out doors with safety cables
Moisture resistant GWB inlay- Perimeter gasket (air & smoke tight)
HINGE: Free pivoting hinge- Door can be removed for maximum clearance
SOUND TRANSMISSION: This access panel will not reduce the STC rating of the assembly
LATCH: Concealed touch latch (standard)- Cam latch (optional)- Tamper-resistant cam latch (optional)- Keyed lock (optional)
FRAME: Recessed aluminum extrusions- Frame acts as finishing edge- 1/16" (2mm) Gap between frame and door

We offer all standard sizes for your commercial, industrial, and residential project needs. Feel free to call us anytime at (800) 483-0823 if you need Best Access Doors to supply the BA-BP-II-58 for your construction project.