10 Amazing Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

10 Amazing Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

Posted by Best Access Doors on 2nd Jun 2021

10 Amazing Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

Every commercial building owner needs the best features, especially if they want to impress everyone. Usually, the way to go about is through the use of beautiful wall designs, custom-made furniture pieces, and eccentric wall paintings. However, another way to make guests feel like they're staying in a 5-star hotel is to create a rooftop terrace on your building.

If you’re planning to create a rooftop terrace on your building, you need to look for the best contractors and a design team to make your idea a reality. But if you’re having difficulty finding or coming up with rooftop terrace design ideas, Best Access Doors is here to assist you with it.

1. Use warm string lights for evening purposes

At night, the rooftop terrace needs to look warm and make everyone feel at ease. That’s why you need to install warm lighting because it helps set the mood for people who want to enjoy the night. You can install them on the exterior railings or hang them above the walls or ceilings to surround the entire rooftop terrace with the lights.

2. Install hanging lanterns

Another excellent method of setting a warm and calm mood during the night is with lanterns. You should also make sure that the lantern lights are warm to achieve a warm atmosphere. Some would use real candles to achieve a warm mood, but it’s dangerous as the candles could burn the paper lantern. The best way might be to use tiny light bulbs that simulate candle lights to be safe.

3. Place rustic furniture

If you have frequent visitors on your building’s rooftop terrace, you should place long tables and seats to ensure they have a relaxing time. Most commercial building owners would install rustic furniture because it pairs well with the outdoor environment. You should also choose ones that can withstand heat, rain, and other harsh weather elements.

4. Utilize plants

Most commercial buildings are in urban environments, like downtown areas. Visitors of your building would want to escape urban life from time to time, and what better way to achieve that than with plants. Ensure you surround the entire rooftop terrace with plants to lighten up the atmosphere.

5. Install quality flooring

If your rooftop terrace still has bare flooring, you need to get rid of that right away and install appealing ones. Examples of excellent flooring materials you can install are timber, vinyl, tile, and bamboo. But before you install the flooring, make sure you install floor access hatches for maintenance personnel whenever they need some work done on your building components.

6. Add a bar

Whether it’s a liquor or a mini-restaurant bar, you need to have one on your rooftop, especially if the space is large enough for a few people to use.

7. Build a swimming pool

If you didn’t include a rooftop swimming pool during the initial planning stages for your building, you just lost the opportunity for building tenants to have fun. But if you’re still constructing it, it will pair up nicely with the bar.

8. Install glass windows

If you want to create an indoor space on the rooftop terrace, consider using insulated glass windows to prevent heat from transferring and keeping everyone cool.

9. Utilize the color palette

If you want to get the most out of your rooftop terrace, it would be good to figure out what colors would match to set the atmosphere.

10. Combine everything!

Are you planning on creating a grand rooftop terrace? The best way is to mix them all and hope for the best that there’s a positive outcome. You need to hire a professional designer if you want to pull it off and not make the design look conflicting and unappealing. You should also expect to spend tons of money if you plan on combining all rooftop terrace design ideas.

Since you now know the best rooftop terrace design ideas, you should have no issues creating the best one that you and everyone will love staying on. You can hold all types of parties and events without having to worry about the rooftop terrace’s appearance.

You can also visit Best Access Doors whenever you need high-quality floor access hatches to include in your rooftop terrace design. Contact us at 1-800-483-0823 if you need more details about our floor access hatches and other products. 

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