Step-by-Step Access Panel Installation

Step-by-Step Access Panel Installation

Posted by Best Access Doors on 10th Oct 2018

Step-by-Step Access Panel Installation

Step-by-Step Access Panel Installation

Most often, people don't know what access doors and panels do. However, access doors and panels are essential in the construction industry, especially in today's setting. Their function in most buildings is now a requirement as the industry standards focus more on sustainability.

Whether you are looking to install different types of wall access doors and panels or roof hatches to access your roof areas, they all have one thing in common-- they all take some process.

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Common Access Doors

There are some different types of access doors for varied purposes, but the three most general are as follows:

#1. Drywall access doors are mounted in drywall to provide access to drains, cables, insulation, or ducts hidden within the wall.

#2. From medium-grade protection to heavy-duty, high-security systems, security access doors are available. This access door offers an additional layer of security for sensitive devices in hospitals and jails. They sometimes lead to safes in homes and offices.

#3. Access doors that are fire-rated prohibit excessive heat from passing in, and others can resist flames and smoke for a set time.

The Installation Process

Some access doors necessitate a more thorough assessment procedure. In contrast, others necessarily require complex fire modification to meet building standards, and the majority have frames and latches that must prepare ahead of time. Your installation process must be accurate and meticulous to enjoy all of the security and comfort that your access door's purpose intends to offer.

Before you begin, learn how to mount the following types of doors and ensure you have all the safety equipment and appropriate tools.

Drywall Access Doors

For drywall access panels, aluminum or galvanized steel are often appropriate, and their welded frames are mounted directly into the wall, often with the alternative of inlaid drywall. If you already know where the critical equipment is, completing this phase during the actual building will be much easier.


#1: Make a narrow opening in front of the pipe or cable. Make sure the position is correct.

#2. Hold the door frame up to the opening and use a pencil to fill in or trace each of the pre-punched slots.

#3. Cut the drywall between the holes with a saw and gradually increase it by contrasting it to the frame.

#4. Keep the frame in place by using construction glue or screws on the rear.

#5 When it comes to mounting the door panel itself, follow the manufacturer's directions.

Ceiling Access Doors

Unlike conventional or hatched doors, Ceiling access doors are simply panels that fit into recessed frames or tiles within the ceiling. The role of your ceiling access door will determine how you install it. If it allows you to touch ductwork in the roof, pay close attention to the moisture-resistant fabrics and make sure the vents are clean and clear.

If it connects to a roof or a deck, you'll need to plan the opening ahead of time and check the seal and insulation afterward.


#1. Map the circumference of the panel opening with a pencil and a smooth board. Rather than the door itself, match the proportions of the window.

#2. If removing a panel isn't possible, saw through the ceiling plaster in the lines you've drawn.

#3. Set the frame in place and drill the screws into place into all of the available holes.

#4. There can always be a recessed gap in the plaster if the door needs a metal lath rather than a visible frame. Place the remainder of the application on top of the strip to cover it and secure it in place.

#5. Put the hinges on the door and double-check the latching mechanism and range of motion.


Choosing the correct type of access door and panel will significantly benefit your establishment. When you pick the best access door for your needs and correctly mount it, it will provide years of safety and security for your business. Contact a professional for more information and advice if you need to purchase your access doors and panels in customized size and material.