Access Panels - Floor Hatches and Panels Benefits

Access Panels - Floor Hatches and Panels Benefits

Posted by Best Access Doors on 17th Jul 2019

Access Panels - Floor Hatches and Panels Benefits

At Best Access Doors, we understand quality, but more importantly, we know maximizing functionality in any given space. When it comes to access panels, they offer an array of benefits, more specifically, they provide flooring benefits such as creating the potential to maximize storage, functionality and flexibility. An access panel that is installed on the floor can do just that. Flooring access panels can enhance any commercial or industrial property. From maintenance to accessibility, access panels offer a unique functionality unlike most panels and building products.

How do access panels installed in floors help?

When access panels are installed in a building, they are done so with the intent of creating functionality – that same principle applies to access panels installed in the floor. When an access panel is installed, it allows the ability to access the parts of a building that isn’t always easy to access. For example, vents, wires and plumbing that specialists need access to – an access panel can fix with proper access.

Not only do installing access panels to a floor allow for access, but they also allow for flexibility. Best Access Doors offers products that would allow for such flexibility – our line of removable flush floor door means that a contractor or builder can access the space easily. Worried about aesthetics? A builder or contractor can offer their clients the choice from a vinyl tile, diamond plate or standard hatch. All of which can be easily covered with a mat or carpet if the metal isn’t their choice of style.

Increasing storage and space

No matter the city, no matter the project, there are building codes in place that contractors and designers must adhere to. With flooring access panels, it allows for storage to be created. The storage may not always be easily usable; however, they do create a space that makes storing HVAC’s and other building necessities possible. When an industrial or commercial building goes with installing access panels in the floor as opposed to traditional floors – they can gain upwards to 6” of usable space.

Aesthetically hidden

For some clients, access panels are often seen as bulky, industrial and only available in metal; however, with floor panels, there is the potential to conceal and maintain the aesthetic feel that the client wants and seeks. While some materials such as drywall and plaster are not best as a flooring material, aluminum and metal panels can offer a clean and viable appearance. This appearance can be easily covered with mats but can also be hidden under floorings such as porcelain or wood planks. For commercial businesses, this is an additional expense, but it is one that allows them to have their aesthetic needs met.

Cost effective and long lasting

Unlike some building materials that wear and tear and routine maintenance, access panels are designed to be long lasting and for the most part, anti-rusting. Our inventory of access panels –whether they are for walls, floors and ceilings, are designed to be long-lasting but also within the price. They are a cost-effective solution because we understand that functionality shouldn’t have to cost an arm or leg.

Our panels are suitable for any project, any purpose or need. Concerned about the budget? Warranty? Our panels are designed with the best grade metals – from aluminum and steel, they are coated to be anti-corrosive and weather resistant.

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