Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th May 2017

Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Do you need a draft stop access door that can help you achieve LEED certification and meet UL standards? The BA-DRD is the one you want. This is a door that is designed for wall installation in both drywall and masonry. It allows you to move between sections of an attic while preventing back drafts between those sections. Read on and we’ll show you everything that this access door can offer you!

Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Draft Stop Access Door Key Features

This door comes with lots of great features – and you’ll have access to a wide range of customization options. The draft stop access door is a self closing and latching door designed to meet UL requirements. The automatic closure system is spring loaded, making it not only a long lasting mechanism but also virtually maintenance free. Additionally, these doors open from either side with a continuous piano hinge providing smooth movement and a secure fit, keeping the door itself tight against the frame.

Construction is sturdy. Each draft stop access door is made with 16-gauge cold rolled steel. Unless specified otherwise, these doors come with a white powder primer coating making it easy to finish to any color or specification. Doors can be ordered in a variety of sizes, from 20-inch by 30-inch all the way up to 36-inch by 48-inch. Both square and rectangular sizes are available. Check them out by visiting this page.

Now for the customization options:

•    The door comes with a self-latching tool operated latch and a ring operated latch allowing you to choose between either latch style.

•    Additional latch styles can be ordered. These include a deadbolt lock and mortising for a cylinder with options to purchase cylinders. Other options include Key operated cylinder cam latches and handle operated slam latches.

•    These doors are available in a high-end brushed steel finish.

•    Neoprene gaskets are available to fit each door.

On large scale building projects, you’ll find that these doors are important contributors towards LEED certification. In the U.S., you’ll receive LEED points for new construction, major renovations, commercial interiors and schools. LEED Canada awards points to each of these types of projects except schools.

Notes on Installation

By design, these doors are easy to install. Each is equipped with a 1-inch flange that covers rough edges so that you won’t have to invest time, money and materials in finish work. The draft stop access door is designed for wall applications only, well suited to installation in both drywall walls with timber or metal framing and in masonry. Framing can be wrapped or not, as you desire. 

To order the draft stop access door, start with the product listing page linked above. Choose the sizes that you need, then you’ll be directed to an order page that allows you to choose the customization options you want. If you have additional questions or you’d like to place an order by phone, feel free to reach out to us! Click here for  contact information.

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