Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Benefits Of The Draft Stop Access Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th May 2017

Are you looking for a Draft Stop Access Door that is certified to help you achieve the LEED Certification and meet UL standards? Then the BA-DRD is what you need! You won't have to worry about this versatile access door. It has a design that fits perfectly in installations for either drywall or masonry. This unique access door allows you to move between sections of an attic while preventing unwanted backdrafts. Here are some of its key features:

Draft Stop Access Door Key Features

Automatic Closure System - This access door has a built-in self-closing and latching door designed to meet UL requirements. The automatic closure system is proven to be long-lasting because it is spring-loaded, and in addition, it is also maintenance-free.

Dual Opening - These doors open from either side with a continuous piano hinge, providing a more smooth movement, a secure fit, and at the same time, keeping the door itself tight against the frame.

Sturdy Construction - Each draft stop access door is made with 16-gauge cold-rolled steel to provide good quality and longevity.

Matches to Your Room's Aesthetic - These doors also come with a white powder primer coating, making it easy to finish to any color of your liking. Not only does it have a particular functionality, but you can also easily match it with the aesthetic of your room. Talk about having quality and versatility!

Various sizes are available - Do you want a bigger draft stop access door? Don't worry! You can select from the different sizes available! The sizes range from 20-inch by 30-inch to 36-inch by 48-inch. You can choose between the square sizes or the rectangular sizes, whatever fits your standards!. Check them out by visiting this page.

Customization Options:

  • You can choose between two different latch styles since this access door comes with a self-latching tool-operated latch and a ring-operated latch.
  • For other options, you can order different latch styles. These comprise a deadbolt lock and mortising for a cylinder that comes with choices to purchase cylinders. Other alternatives include key-operated cylinder cam latches and handle-operated slam latches.
  • These access doors are available in a high-end brushed steel finish.
  • They contain Neoprene gaskets to fit each door.

On large-scale building projects, you'll find that these doors are essential contributors towards LEED certification. You'll indeed receive LEED points for new construction, major renovations, commercial interiors, and many more

Installing Draft Access Doors

On the contrary, these doors are trouble-free to install. Each access door has a 1-inch flange that covers edges so you won't have to waste time, money, and materials to finish the job. This access door is for wall applications only, well suited for drywall walls with timber or metal framing and masonry installations. You can wrap the frames if it is also to your liking!

Have you made your mind up yet? To order the draft stop access door, start with the product listing page linked above. Choose the sizes that you prefer. Afterward, the site will direct you to an order page to choose the customization options you want. If you have more queries or wish to place an order by phone, don't hesitate to contact us! Click here for contact information.