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Best Access Doors - Offering Access Panel Selections

Best Access Doors - Offering Access Panel Selections

Posted by Best Access Doors on 24th May 2018

Best Access Doors - Offering Access Panel Selections

At Best Access Doors, we offer quality products at a reasonable price with quality delivery; however, there is so much more to ust offering quality products, prices and services. At Best Access Doors, we offer different types of panels to suit any builders’ needs.

Some of the products which we offer include are:

Drywall Panels

Recommendation: 4 x 6 Flush Plastic Access Door

These choice of panels are common seelection for those looking for a subtle and blended addition to a wall. They provide a nice smooth finish and can covered by a layer of wall paper or pain. Thanks to its’ finish some panels have a rounded edge providing a level of safety upon installation. Drywall panels are typically made with the use of galvanized steel and have a primed finish which contributes to their ability to personalized and customized. Upon installing, they typically use a screwdriver latch making it movable and easy to access and use. Due to its versaility and functionality, this panel can be installed either on a new build or prexisting site and renovation. It works well with other materials such as wood and tile.

Fire Rated Panels

Recommendation: 10 x 10 Fire Rated Inulsated Access Door with Flange – Stainless Steel

Contractors typically search out a fire rated access panel for projects where there is a high exposure to heat. This can be everything from an industrial kitchen to rooms where certain heavy duty machinery is stored – these panels offer an extra level of security that typical panels do not. Given the nature of the panel, it can be accessbile on both sides due to a latch release on the opposite site of the actual latch. These panels, to be able to withstand extreme heat can come in different degrees of temperatures levels – the thicker the steel or the type of material, it can provide a better fire resistance. Typically made with galvinized steel, these panels undergo testing to ensure its fire resistance and to obtain a level of rating.

Stainless Steel

Recommendation: 8 x 8 General Purpose Access Door with Flange

At Best Access Doors, we offer stainless steel access doors and panels – they are a great choice for any wall or ceiling installation. Typically made with different steel compounds making them a better choice against corrosion and rusting. Its finish allows for a clean appearance and due to its compound, makes it a good choice in areas that may get damp and there is a possibility of mold or mildew. Stainless steel panels are anti-microbial which is why most contractors will recommend a stainless steel panel and door in areas that require a high level of cleanliness and hygenic care.


Recommendation: 8 x 8 Insulated Aluminum Access Door

An insulated access panel is just as versatile as that of a drywall variety. They are a great choice for installation when it comes to promoting lower energy bills and regulation of temperatures in a space. From an industrial point of view, insulated panels are not only great for keeping rooms temperate but they are also a great way of adding that extra layer of soundproofing. In industrial spaces where there are multiple machineries going an insulated access panel can be a great two-for-one solution. Insulated panels are typically made with a combination of steel with a layer of foam or padding inside. These padding levels and the steel will dictate the grade as well as the purpose of the panel. Their versaility in insulation can mena they can be installed inside or out.

At Best Access Doors, we offer a wide range of access doors and panels that it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing which is best suited for your needs. To view our inventory or to speak with our knowledgeable helpful staff, visit us at

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