Cheap Soundproofing Options You Need to Know

Cheap Soundproofing Options You Need to Know

Posted by Best Access Doors on 11th Oct 2019

Cheap Soundproofing Options You Need to Know

No matter how hard you try to stay focused on your tasks, you can’t stop a lot of distractions from coming at you. Whether it’s the noise from the busy streets or a music studio near your office, having to deal with it every single day can add to the stress and pressure you feel at work. Before your productivity totally breaks down, you need to solve this problem once and for all. Of course, you don’t need to move to a new office space in a quieter area because that would cost you a lot of money. What you need to do is work around your current office space—soundproof it.

How does soundproofing work?

Soundproofing or sound insulation prevents sound transmission between sections of a building through the use of intervening objects in the sound path.

When people hear about soundproofing a space, they mostly think of the expensive cost. However, that is not necessarily true, you just have to be a little creative. Below are cheap soundproofing options that you should try at home or the office.

Use window treatments

Aside from providing you great interior aesthetics, window covers can also help with sound reduction as well. Hanging thick draperies by your window helps absorb noise from outside. There is also a lot of businesses that can supply you today with specialized window treatments to improve your room’s acoustics. These blinds, shades, and shutters also come with the extra-benefit of controlling natural light that enters your room.

Install soundproof wall covers

If you prefer wallpaper in your interior, install one with soundproofing in mind. One popular soundproof wallpaper today is the white brick wallpaper which you can order online. The material adds some mass to your walls, thereby dampening and reducing sounds.

Arrange your furniture

This soundproofing technique does not require any material purchase. All you have to do is rearrange your furniture for the purpose of soundproofing a room. To prevent sounds from entering or passing through the walls, move your furniture against them. Place your bookshelves or cabinets to cover wall locations where most noises come from.

Add area rugs

When renting an office space in high-rise buildings, noise from the lower floors can be a real distraction. Work towards solving the problem by adding thick area rugs. For better soundproofing results, don’t forget to place a pad under the rug material. There is a variety of rug options available for different types of flooring.

Soundproofing a room through sound rated access panels

You’ll be thrilled to know that there is a soundproofing option available which is low-cost but offers professional results⁠— sound rated access panels from Best Access Doors. For projects that require noise containment and sound transmission blocking, our sound rated access panels are a perfect choice. It has a GSA Acoustic Isolation rating and made of steel with thick acoustical insulation. These panels are very easy to install and for sale at an economical price.

Soundproof your office or home space today and get your tasks done without any distraction. For more space improvement or renovation ideas, stay with us here at www.bestaccessdoors.com/blog/

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