Choosing Between Fiberglass or Wooden Doors

Choosing Between Fiberglass or Wooden Doors

Posted by Best Access Doors on 3rd Mar 2021

Choosing Between Fiberglass or Wooden Doors

During your building construction, you might find it challenging to choose what construction materials you need. However, your contractors will help you select high-quality materials. For example, they can be accommodating when picking out the right materials for your doors.

Some of the most common door types that commercial buildings use are fiberglass and wooden doors. If you have no idea which door to go for, Best Access Doors can help you determine which door type will work best for your project.

Knowing the Difference

Before anything else, it's essential to know the critical differences between fiberglass and wooden doors.

  • Wooden Doors

Wood is one of the most readily available materials, meaning door manufacturers can source them from different lumber types to meet client demands. Most hardwoods, such as teak or oak, are incredibly durable. The door may increase in price depending on lumber shortages and rarity, especially for forests heavily affected by environmental issues and illegal deforestation activities. But if you find a reliable supplier for wooden doors, it can provide superb energy retention that other door materials don't have. And another thing that's great about using wooden doors is you can create them in any shape or size and paint to suit your decor.

  • Fiberglass Doors

Wood is a natural material, and fiberglass is a human-made material constructed from layering resin or epoxy layers with silica fibers, also known as "glass." If you want to spend less on your construction project, you should consider fiberglass. Many commercial buildings use fiberglass doors because they are readily available. Some door manufacturers even use recycled materials to create fiberglass doors, making them more sustainable than wooden doors. Throughout the years, fiberglass door manufacturers have made advancements in fabrication, making fiberglass doors more robust and reliable. You can also purchase them in many shapes and sizes and choose from a variety of insulation ratings.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it will depend on your commercial building's needs. In some cases, your contractor may need to use wooden doors because of their efficiency. But if you don't want anything fancy and want a door that's inexpensive yet can provide excellent protection, you can opt for fiberglass doors. The best way to decide whether you need wooden or fiberglass doors is to weigh out the factors. Consult your contractor on the right type of door for your building, and you're sure to find a perfect fit. You can also get Aesthetic Access Doors for your walls and ceilings. Check out our collection at Best Access Doors today!

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