Common Issues that Commercial Building Windows Experience

Common Issues that Commercial Building Windows Experience

Posted by Best Access Doors on 21st Apr 2021

Common Issues that Commercial Building Windows Experience

Offices should have all of the necessities to ensure everyone working stays comfortable at all times. You can find many ways to achieve maximum comfort inside the office, such as having a properly functioning HVAC system or dust-proof quality flooring that could cause employees or staff nose problems.

One part of the building usually gets ignored is your building's windows. You should know that all commercial buildings need to have quality windows that can protect the building interior. However, a time will come when the windows might gain several problems, and you need to know what they are. Fortunately, Best Access Doors is here to give you details about the different window problems commercial buildings experience.

Window Problem #1: Faulty Windows

A time will come when some of your staff would prefer to open windows because it gives them fresh air, especially when you situate your commercial building near trees and other green areas. You can let in some fresh outdoor air for a while, which can also help you reduce electricity consumption.

But when you try opening it and it's tighter or more loose than usual, you should not ignore such an issue. You might have faulty windows that could turn into something more severe in the long run if you don't get them fixed as quickly as possible. There can also be times when people damage the entire window because they use too much force when opening, even when minimum force would suffice.

If you find it difficult to open the windows, you should contact maintenance personnel because they know how to deal with the problem. Usually, they would apply some lubricant on the hinge to eliminate rust, or they might need to replace the hinges because they already broke after a few years of continuous use.

Window Problem #2: Window Drafts

When the weather's too cold or hot, you need to close the windows and let your building's HVAC system adjust the temperature inside. But even with the HVAC system working and the thermostat adjusted, you still feel that the temperature inside isn't average. You might want to have your windows checked if there's a draft passing through it.

You should know that commercial building windows need to stay sealed at all times and prevent any air or moisture from passing through. However, maintenance personnel can eliminate the problem with ease by replacing the worn-out window weatherstripping right away. Not only can they seal small, open gaps, but they can also provide energy efficiency for your building.

Window Problem #3: Security Problems

Besides keeping your building draft-free, your windows should also provide enough security that people can't break easily. Back then, even throwing a piece of brick to a building window could make it shatter easily. Nowadays, you can find many durable commercial building windows that can withstand enormous pressure until it breaks.

During the building process, you need to talk with your contractor and determine if they are installing high-quality windows. If not, then you can tell them to replace it with durable ones to ensure your commercial building stays safe from possible intruders. Note that quality windows come at a price, so you have to prepare yourself for the significant expenses.

Since you now know the different commercial building window problems, keep them in mind from now on. You will never know when your windows will gain the issues above.

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