Considerations to Secure High School Campuses

Considerations to Secure High School Campuses

Posted by Best Access Doors and Panels on 30th Sep 2021

Considerations to Secure High School Campuses

After several months of closure, governments are slowly letting students return to school again. High school students can return after being vaccinated to stay protected against the Coronavirus. However, some elements can jeopardize their safety, and one of those is the building itself.

Every high school building needs to stay secured to ensure students, faculty, employees, and everyone can do their usual activities without any risks. If you plan to reopen your school, consider the different ways to secure high school campuses effectively.

Create Fewer Points of Entrance

One great technique that some high school campuses do to secure their campus is creating smaller entrances. Usually, your campus can do well with four entry points, including the front, the back, and the sides. You can also create another entrance explicitly built for school employees to ensure that only high school students can use the four main gates.

Creating fewer entry points gives you better monitoring of who comes in and out of your building. It also means that you can place a few security personnel at each entrance. If you want to get more control over who goes in and out, you can separate the campus entrances and exits. You can have the building’s front and sides as the entrance while creating a more distinguished exit for dismissals. Make sure you talk with your contractors about architecture school design standards to understand how to make your building safe and functional.

Utilize Surveillance Systems

Most of the time, security personnel cannot guarantee the safety of everyone inside the campus, so it’s best to install surveillance systems. You have to install them in inconspicuous and hidden areas. Most of the time, architects design the building by eliminating hidden spots for improved monitoring.

Aside from placing surveillance cameras in secluded areas, you also have to install them in open spaces where crowding is possible. Places inside a high school campus that need cameras include cafeterias, teacher’s lounge rooms, auditoriums, and hallways. Parents or guardians who search for “the best public high schools near me” prefer high school campuses that have surveillance systems.

Install Pathfinders

If your high school campus offers night classes, you have to illuminate several pathways inside to ensure students can find their way around. You can also provide lighted signs for students looking for their classrooms or corridors. Pathfinders are an essential feature that high school buildings need when people are still around the campus at night.

Contractors and technicians should make sure to place pathfinders correctly to follow secondary school design guidelines. You will never see an unlit pathway or parking area when you have pathfinders installed around the campus.

Take Away

Keep in mind the different ways to be one of the most secure high school campuses within your area. Make sure you stay updated with the latest high school campus security innovations to improve the safety of students, teachers, and employees inside. Consult with an architect on how to design a school architecture for the future improvements of your campus.

And if you want to secure your school even better, consider installing security access doors and panels. They work by securing building components behind wall or ceiling surfaces, preventing it from getting tampered with by unauthorized personnel. You can purchase them by contacting Best Access Doors at 1-800-483-0823 or visiting our website at

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