Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Office Exterior

Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Office Exterior

Posted by Best Access Doors on 30th Nov 2020

Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Office Exterior

Many businesses tend to focus on their office's interior design to create a pleasing atmosphere for employees and guests. However, what most business owners don't know is they should also prioritize their office exterior. Clients and other people alike will see the office building facade the first time they visit the place. A poorly-designed surface may result in clients quickly losing interest in the services or products of a commercial business.

The exterior design of an office has the same importance as its interior. It plays a massive role in how outsiders will see the business (and we all know how first impressions matter). It likewise improves the functionality of space and even sometimes lowers the overall maintenance costs for the building. Moreover, office buildings tend to have high energy consumption compared to other commercial buildings, primarily through HVAC systems, since they run almost 24/7.

Renovating the exterior of an office gives the building a new look that extends a better invitation to everyone outside. Still, it also provides a chance to improve insulative abilities using superior materials. To help inspire you to renovate a current office or new construction, here are six design ideas for enhancing your office exterior.

1. Add height to small buildings with modern asymmetrical roofs.

For small offices, vaulted ceilings can make the interior look more prominent, but it may be a different case from the outside since it can end up looking comically tall. That's why there's a trick to making a compact office look larger while also remaining visually balanced-- the answer is with an asymmetrical roof. A small office with asymmetrical looks has a very modern appeal thanks to the slanted metal roof, which is complete with matching metal pillars extending to ground level.

2. Bring outside the comfort of the indoors.

Keep in mind that the exterior design of a building can also cover functional spaces, which help expand the property's overall use. Many offices have break rooms and meeting areas, so creating the same spaces outdoors can give a fresh new life to the workplace. The outdoor area of a corporate office with large shade structures, a small manicured lawn, and plenty of seating variety can make a big impression on both employees and clients.

3. Offering public space to encourage business interest

Here's another approach to a building exterior that will promote and attract people to the business: creating an outdoor space open to the public and employees alike. For instance, creating an area where passersby can stop and sit for a while is a great way to entice outsiders from considering whatever services the business offers. Such an area can also function as an outdoor break area for the employees.

4. Unique staggered window placement to give character into your office

A common trend you can see in a lot of buildings everywhere is the use of expansive windows that reach to every corner of the wall. Although it can bring lots of natural light to space, this can become a bit overdone sometimes. What they should do is to show some creativity with the use of some non-traditional window placement.

5. Harmonize natural wood with an unexpected bold facade.

If you want to make an office building stand out, using bright siding materials is one surefire way of achieving it. Metal and wood are the perfect pair that seems to work incredibly well with one another. For instance, a striking gold metal siding which is reflective and gives a fun, contemporary feel can pair with modified wood trim, decking, and planters-- to give off earthiness to the glamour. It may be a very bold design statement that works wonderfully together if properly executed.

6. A touch of stained glass adds color to metal and wood

As mentioned earlier, metal and wood go together perfectly. The options are limitless on how to design a durable yet stunning exterior. There are also many different architectural elements that they can adapt for use in office building design. One example of a similar feature in some offices is the use of modified wood that displays its versatility and ability to transform ordinary offices into something extraordinary and worthy of being discussed.

7. Maintain a Green Landscape.

Of course, having a business means having a lot of tasks on your hand. It is understandable you won't be able to prioritize office lawn maintenance because you're busy running the business. However, having a clean and aesthetically-pleasing landscape helps a lot in attracting people to your business. When you have a well-maintained green environment around your building, you will get a first good impression from clients and guests. Fortunately, if you can't handle your landscape because of your busy schedule, you can always hire a company that provides commercial landscaping services. A lawn that has a well-trimmed grass, flowers, and trees gives the business a positive atmosphere.

8.Enhance Your Brand Name.

In managing a business, it is also crucial to always find ways to let people know more about the business, especially within the area. When promoting the company, it is necessary to put up the name and logo on the building facade. To pull off the most appealing brand logo for the company, coordinating with a graphic design team handling the project is the best way to do it.

The Takeaway

Improving the exterior design of an office will help in building up the company's reputation. However, aside from this function, you may also use the facade to promote services and products. The excellent exterior design will help commercial business owners attain both strategies while at the same time, maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere for the employees, clients, and guests.

It is also important to keep when choosing a design idea for enhancing an office exterior, considering what the clients will see when they walk to the commercial property. To convey the right message, your office should have an appropriate design that will do the talking for you and your company. Furthermore, a commercial exterior design must complement the property while also expressing your ideas to convey to you and the company correctly.

Lastly, the exterior design is an intricate undertaking that is applied to achieve a customized business environment. To help you with your exterior design, Best Access Doors offers exterior access doors at quality prices. Check them out at https://www.bestaccessdoors.com/exterior-access-panels/

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