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Drywall 101

Drywall 101

Posted by Best Access Doors on 30th Jan 2019

Drywall 101

Contractors in their career life will sometimes encounter clients who are seeking a solution that is anything but typical – this is okay, but what if their request is for something other than a conventional wall?


Install an  access panel, more specifically, a drywall access panel. The drywall access panel is the perfection solution for any job no matter how big or small the project, commercial or residential. They are a functional, cost-efficient and easy to install option. Drywall panels, especially one that has a drywall base can be customized to suit any wall backdrop making it blend in with its surroundings visually.

Choosing a drywall access panels is an excellent solution in situations where the client requests functionality while also concealing any unwanted openings, cracks, or blemishes. Drywall access panels are also great for disguising the often hard to hide utility box, which is typically one of the reasons for an access panel.

These versatile products were designed with the original aim of concealing and securing a place. In many circumstances, businesses will utilize drywall access panels as a means as acting as a concealer of things that generally stick out or are highly visible. In situations where a company needs extra or enhanced security, they will go for something more durable and stronger such as reinforced steel or hard metal. However, in situations where the sole purpose is to conceal, for example, wires or switch box that can ruin the aesthetics of a room or office, they would choose a flushed drywall access panel.  Flushed drywalls hide blemishes, openings or storage, to the point that it begins to blend in with the wall it was installed in.

Looking for more storage but don’t want to use bulky or large furnishings? Maybe you have limited square footage – access panels can also double up their functionality and allow for storage to happen while also being concealed into the wall itself

For some building projects or really any solution in construction, many don’t have the simplicity and ease as an access panel. It’s a building solution that can be installed by a professional or someone who is looking for a do-it-yourself project, and once it’s been installed, they are functional immediately. Their purpose and aesthetics make them versatile – from storage to concealment, they allow contractors to provide options to their clients and consumers can find the one that suits their needs.

Access panels are a building item that can be customized but also come in various material makes giving them certain benefits over other, a contractor can make the proper and knowledgeable recommendation.

With drywall access panels, contractors know that if their client is looking for a cost-friendly and subtle install, drywall is the way to go. Whether it is a push-down, subtle slit to open the panels drywall access panels can be painted or wallpapered over. One would not even know that access panels could be so versatile and functional and yet that is what they are. Access panels are a practical solution, but a drywall access panel indeed is the perfect versatile solution that clients can be satisfied with the decision to have them installed.

Limited budget? Thankfully at Best Access Doors, we offer an array of drywall and non-drywall panels at various  price ranges.

Looking for drywall specifically or an access panel that is simple and yet truly versatile? Go with a drywall panel because it is one panel that will suit your budget and your style.

Looking to create functionality or upgrade an existing space? Look no further than the inventory of Best Access Doors. With access panels to suit any project or need, not to mention budget, you can’t go wrong. For more on drywall access panels and panels in general, visit us at

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