Fire Rated Access Panels

Fire Rated Access Panels

Posted by Best Access Doors on 19th Feb 2020

Fire Rated Access Panels

Promoting safety in a commercial building is the utmost priority for owners, managers, and contractors. Whether the building is housing employees, renters, or investments, you must ensure that you protect them from hazards, such as fires. One way of doing such is investing in fire prevention systems that enhance safety and protect your establishment's integrity.

One product that can add fire safety features to a building is fire-rated access doors and panels. Adding these to any commercial building can also help comply with fire safety rules and regulations. These access doors and panels' features will significantly provide long-term benefits. To know more about this type of access door and panel and its advantages, here are some of them:

1. Efficient Fire Protection

One of the features of fire-rated access doors and panels is to delay the spread of fire from one area to another. This feature ensures safety by providing occupants enough time to escape and firefighters to extinguish the fire with minimal damage to your assets.

These assets can be electrical cables, wires, plumbing, and gas pipes. It can significantly reduce expenses in terms of repairs or replacements. However, before purchasing one, make sure the dimensions of the fire-rated access door are precise. Otherwise, any small openings or cracks at the side can compromise the product's intended function.

2. Airtight

The airtight feature of fire-rated access doors and panels can prevent the fire from growing. Containing any air pockets in a particular building area can help manage the fire and lessen any property or building damage done by the fire.

Another advantage of airtight access doors is preventing any draft from going into a room. You need this when you have an area in your building that always has windows condensing when the weather is cold. It will be quite a nuisance when you have to keep wiping the floor because of the water going down to the level.

3. Containing Smoke

Since a high-quality fire-rated access door is airtight, this feature is useful for preventing smoke from scattering all over the building. When a fire occurs inside your facility, you have to contain the fire as quickly as possible- and a way of managing it is by providing an airtight seal around the room.

You can choose among the many types of fire-rated doors and panels according to your building requirements. Install one with thicker insulation than most panels if you want a more robust fire- resistance for your facility. It will be a long-time investment, and you'll be guaranteed an efficient fire-prevention system.

4. Aesthetics

Unmatching access doors and wall paints can be an eyesore. There is no need to fret if aesthetics matter to you because there are access doors that can blend well on walls or ceilings. Other varieties have drywall or tiles installed at the front of the access panel, so you won't worry about fitting it to the surface.

The Takeaway

Neglecting and cutting corners in terms of fire safety can cost not just the establishment but also your occupants. Their safety and protection should be equal to how you regard your assets. Investing in high-quality fire-rated access doors and panels with groundbreaking features is worth every penny. Remember to consult with a licensed professional to guide you in purchasing.

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