Fire Rated Access Panels

Fire Rated Access Panels

Posted by Best Access Doors on 19th Feb 2020

Fire Rated Access Panels

Promoting safety in a commercial building is essential nowadays. Whether the building is housing employees, renters, or investments, you need to ensure that you protect them from hazards, such as fires. Many buildings invest in different kinds of fire prevention systems to ensure their building is fireproof.

A product that can add fire safety features in a building is with fire-rated access doors and panels. Adding these to any commercial building is a must because it needs to comply with fire safety rules and regulations. Aside from following the laws and regulations, the features that these fire-rated access doors and panels have will significantly benefit you and the building for a long time. If you want to know more about this type of access door or panel and what advantages it can give, give this article a quick read!

Efficient Fire Protection

One of the responsibilities of fire-rated access doors and panels is to protect whatever is behind the access panel protected from the fire. You might think that you won't need to install a fire-rated access panel because no fire will ever occur inside the building. No matter what you do, rules and regulations state that every commercial building should have fire-rated access panels installed in several areas.

Without the fire-rated access doors and panels, the essential assets you need protecting from future fires will get severely damaged. Once firefighters extinguish the fire, you'll be thankful for your fireproof access panels because it kept the fire from entering and damaging your building's important assets. These assets can be electrical cables, wires, plumbing pipes, and gas pipes. It can significantly reduce expenses in terms of repairing your damaged building.

A high-quality fire-rated access door has incredible fire insulation that can last up to 3 hours. This amount of insulation time is already enough for firefighters to extinguish the fire and keep the access panel intact with a few burn marks outside. But before purchasing one, you have to make sure the dimensions of the fire-rated access door is precise. Otherwise, any small openings or cracks at the side can let the fire in.


Fire-rated access doors and panels are airtight because any air that passes through the access panel can help the fire grow even more prominent. By preventing any air pockets in a particular area of a building, this can help contain the fire and lessen any property or building damage done by the fire.

Another advantage with airtight access doors is its ability to prevent any draft from going into a room. You might need this when you have an area in your building that always has windows condensing when the weather is cold. It will be quite a nuisance when you have to keep wiping the floor because of the water going down to the level.

Containing Smoke

Since you now know that a high-quality fire-rated access door is airtight, this feature is useful for preventing smoke from scattering all over the building. When a fire occurs inside your building, you have to contain the fire as quickly as possible. And a way of managing it is by providing an airtight seal around the room.

A quick tip when there's a fire happening in an airtight room is not to open all the doors and windows. The best way people can do is to get outside of the building as soon as possible and leave only the exit doors open. The fire-rated access doors and panels help in containing the fire from spreading throughout the building. Again, this means less money spent on repairs of the building.

You can choose many types of fire-rated doors and panels. If you want efficient fireproofing for your access panels, you have to install one with thicker insulation than most panels. Although purchasing one might be expensive for you, it will serve as an investment for a long time, and you'll be guaranteed efficient fireproofing.

Do Aesthetics Matter?

It might bother people when there's an access door on a painted white wall. If aesthetic matters to you, no need to fret because there are doors that can blend well on walls or ceilings. There are even doors that already have drywall or tiles installed at the front of the access panel so you won't have any worries of making it blend to the surface.

Installing in Fire Hazard Areas

There are parts of a commercial building where a fire will most likely happen. It would be best if you always considered installing fire-rated access doors and panels in these areas for fire safety reasons. When it's a restaurant, the usual places where you need doors and panels are the kitchens and the rooms where you store gas tanks. For other buildings, you have to know where areas might experience high heat exposures. Keeping an airtight seal and added fireproofing in these areas will undoubtedly provide efficient protection in the event of a fire.

It would be best if you did not shrug off fire-rated access door and panels too quickly because these are some of the safety features that will save you and the others when a fire erupts inside the building. Many commercial buildings would cut corners and use uninsulated and non-fireproof panels and doors to save money. No construction contractor should ever cut corners if they want to keep their integrity and reputation as an honest worker.

People are looking for companies that can supply the best type of fire-rated access doors and panels. It isn't easy looking for one, especially when you don't have any contacts or know anyone personally who can supply fire-rated doors and panels.

You need not look for another because Best Access Doors is here to save your day and time. We offer top-quality access doors and panels for all kinds of commercial buildings. You can take your time in looking for the correct access door or panel at https://www.bestaccessdoors.com/. We have a ton of products for you to choose from.

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