How To Spot An Untrustworthy Roofing Company

How To Spot An Untrustworthy Roofing Company

Posted by Best Access Doors on 10th Jun 2020

How To Spot An Untrustworthy Roofing Company

Trust is tough to find or put upon someone nowadays-- it usually builds or erodes. We've heard of politicians losing the trust of the people or an upstart company gaining the trust and popularity with buyers. A trustworthy company is sure to have steady waters before them, even in the long run. When choosing a roofing contractor, it is also essential that you choose a trustworthy one.

Hiring a professional roofing company is not something that we should take lightly. Yes, anyone can easily hand out a professional-looking business card and claim that they are skilled and experienced contractors. You always have to choose the best one, even if it's just about fixing a roof leak. As we all know, storm damage and material defects are the most common causes of roof leaks. However, poor installation can also be a leading cause of roof damage. When getting work done on your roofing system, you have to ensure that the company you hire for the job is reputable and can do the job correctly.

To understand if your prospect roofing company is a lousy roofer, take a look at these signs that we included here in this blog article.

No License – Keep in mind that a professional roofer will prove to you that they have the official rights to work on your project. They will do it by providing you with copies of their licensing documents and business permits. If they have a state license, it means that the contractor has met the state's standards, ensuring professional roof repairs or replacements for building owners. No right-minded person would ever want to hire a roofing contractor that doesn't have an official license.

Some scammers would illegally print out fake licenses and business permits that bait unsuspecting home or building owners. It would be best if you made it a responsibility to know what the permits should look like so you don't get scammed by them when the time comes you need to hire them.

Ineffective Communication – Just like any partnership, having clear communication is a vital factor in maintaining a smooth-flowing roofing project. If your contractor is difficult to reach or keeps giving you confusing answers when it comes to your concerns, it's a clear red flag telling you to take your business elsewhere. The roofing company you hire must establish and maintain good communication at all times. Every roofing company must persevere to provide customer excellence by attending to all of the client's requests and discussing every part of their plan as efficiently as possible.

If you have any problems with the roofing company or contractor in terms of communication, you can always replace them with an even better one. But looking for a replacement roofing contractor can be tiresome, especially if there aren't a lot of roofers in your area. It would help if you always made sure the first time that you can rely on them to communicate with you with whatever is happening to your roof.

Doesn't Listen to What You Think – Does your contractor keep on disagreeing with what you'd like to see in your roofing job? And for no valid reason at all? Then that's a red flag. It is a red flag because it can cause problematic work overtime. A good roofing company must always stand by its clients' needs, whether it's just a simple roof inspection or something significant and complicated such as a full replacement of the entire roof. It's best to know already what roofing issue you have so that you have something to say when the roofing contractor is always going against your requests.

Lack of References – Lack of references means it's an inexperienced roofer. However, most times, this hints at a bigger problem. In today's highly-technologically dependent world, companies always make sure to display their customers' positive feedback on their website or social media pages. If a company doesn't have references to offer, it may just mean that their customers don't have many good things to say about them or maybe they have nothing to say about them at all. A company with no good customer reviews hints to a possibility that they weren't satisfied with the job either because the roofing company didn't do it correctly or they lack the right conduct of business.

Whole Cost Upfront – This is another bad sign. When a roofer asks for the roof work's cost upfront or even just half of the cost, this is often a scam in which roofers demand money upfront and then suddenly disappear once you make the payment. Even if they finish the work, why would you pay the full price even before knowing what the project's quality will be? Remember that a good roofing company will never ask for money until they finish the job and you are fully satisfied.

Storm Chasers – Storm chasers are one of the most common types of roofing scams. People call them a storm chasing roofer because he shows up immediately after a bad storm, offering free roof inspections, in which they almost always find something that will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix or replace. Again, as a reiteration, they will also encourage you to make large payments upfront and then disappear and ignore all your calls and emails. A trustworthy roofing company will have a good reputation that speaks for itself and won't need to seek clients right after a storm.

If ever your place gets affected by storms most of the time, it's better to have a roofing contractor or company that you can rely on to do the necessary work. It also lessens the chances of storm chasers to bother you when you're sitting at your home's comfort, waiting for your trusted roofing contractor to come to do the roofing job on your home.

The Problem Spotter - You have to be on the lookout for these kinds of roofing contractors. Their usual strategy is that they would purposely pass by your home or building. They'd try to catch your attention and tell you that they see your roof needs some work. Even the most experienced roofing contractor doesn't know if a building has roofing problems in a snap. That's a job only superheroes can do!

Whenever a roofing contractor does this type of scheme to you, never fall for it because a passer-by can't determine if your roof requires repairs at once quickly. They might even try to persuade you by telling you that they'll inspect the roof for free. And once they're doing the inspections, they'll try to make sure that they find an issue. Some would even go as far as to do the damage themselves so that they can scam you for your money.

Excess Materials - "I have leftover materials from my previous job." - Sometimes, roofing contractors have some leftover materials that they have from their previous roofing jobs. You have to know that a professional roofing contractor makes it a point to calculate the needed materials correctly. If they went over the number of materials and use them when working for you, they need to assure you that their materials aren't damaged or defected.

They might even try to give you a sweet deal, but you should always stand your ground and do what's best for your house's or commercial building's roof. Every material a roofing contractor uses needs to be new and not just some scraps they've stored in their place for a long time. You should be aware that storing materials for a long time can lessen its durability and reliability, which should not happen when you're about to have your roof worked on.

Why You Need A Trustworthy Roofing Company

We all know that having to deal with a roof repair or replacement can be a headache. Unfortunately, some people want the job done and over, and they will turn to the first roofing company that gives a decent quote even without doing a thorough background check first. We highly discourage you from doing this. Having your roof worked on is a huge priority and investment, and going with the wrong company can cost you many bucks in the long run. Before you enlist a roofing company's services for the next time you need your roof repaired, look out for the above-mentioned red flags.

There will be times when you'll need to inspect your roofs on your own for any damage or issue. Sometimes, accessing it can be a bit tricky where you need to use a ladder. It's time-consuming, and you'll have to lift the heavy ladder to position it and keep it again. Accessing your roof can be made easy with the use of our roof hatches! Check out our quality and affordable roof hatches at https://www.bestaccessdoors.com/roof-hatch/. We always guarantee our clients top-quality products, so you can trust us when it comes to providing a reliable roof hatch for your building. 

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