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The Renovation Checklist For An Ideal Bathroom

The Renovation Checklist For An Ideal Bathroom

Posted by Best Access Doors on 26th Nov 2021

The Renovation Checklist For An Ideal Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that makes a house truly come together. A well-thought-out decor can make the room feel complete. However, a bathroom renovation can be daunting, to say the least, especially when you're not sure where to start.

It's essential to have a checklist of items you need to complete when doing a bathroom renovation. The first thing you need to consider is how much work you're willing to do on your own and how you want the final product to look. Once that's decided, it's time to start shopping:


There is a wide variety of flooring options to choose from, including tiles and wood. If you're looking for a visually compelling alternative, go for mosaic tiles with intricate designs. If you would rather have a floor that's easier to maintain, opt for porcelain tiles as they are less likely to absorb dirt and water. If you're not looking to change the color of your floor, use tiles with a solid color.

Plumbing and pipework

If you're in the Seattle area, it's best to hire an Everett plumbing company to do the pipework so you can focus on other parts of the renovation. The pipes in that area are so old you'll need the eyes of an expert to assess what exactly needs to be done.

They will also be able to advise on simple things, like where the water shutoff is located. If you want to complete the project independently, make sure that you choose the suitable plumbing materials to suit your new setup. Consider installing watertight wall access doors to avoid damages and to ensure efficient checkups to your water pipes.

Wall panels

Wall panels can be made of ceramic or glass and are usually installed flush against the wall for a clean look that doesn't clutter space. One excellent example you should consider is the recessed wall access panels. The choice between basic wall paint or wall panels will depend on how much effort you put into the room.

Vanity fixtures

The vanity is usually placed against the back wall and has a sink, mirror, cabinet(s), taps, light fittings, and space for storage. To give the room an extra pop of color, choose items in bright hues like red or blue - make sure they match the rest of the room. If you don't want to delve too deeply into this project, purchase one with multiple sinks and mix-and-match fittings for a modern look.


A bathroom with good lighting is crucial as it allows you to groom, fix your hair, and apply make-up without difficulty. You can also install a mirror with lights around it, but make sure it is flattering and doesn't cast unflattering shadows.

Towel racks

These are mainly used to hang towels, but you can also use them to display your favorite books or flowers. Place one on either side of the vanity for convenience.


Make sure the items you choose match the rest of the decor. Otherwise, it will look messy and out of place.


Style your bathroom with two pairs of doors. The style of door you choose will depend on its function. Sliding doors are easy to use, but they are not very secure or ideal for small areas. Pocket doors don't take up much space and allow airflow into the room, while hinged doors are best for high-traffic areas as they are easy to open and close. Door sizes will be based on your set of doors and the room.


There are many types of showerheads available, depending on your preferences. If you want a good-quality product that will last for years, choose one with multiple settings like pulse or massage modes. Fancy shower heads can be quite costly, but they aren't as durable as standard models.


Heaters warm up cool air in the room. They come in different wattages, so make sure to choose the right size based on your heating needs. Choose a heater with a built-in fan for increased airflow if you don't have ducted heating.


You can choose from a large selection of tubs, ranging from deep bathtubs with jets to basic shower-only units. If you want more space for stretching, go for a freestanding tub. However, this is not ideal if you have kids or pets, as they can accidentally slip and fall. The best option is to choose a built-in tub with support rails, so you can easily grab them for support if needed.

Shower drain

A shower with a clogged drain won't work properly, which is why it's crucial to choose a product that suits your needs and matches the rest of the bathroom decor. The most popular types in modern homes are pop-up and triple drains.

Shower screen

These are made of glass or acrylic, making them durable while still allowing you to see the rest of the room. Shower screens come in different materials so you can choose which suits your lifestyle more. Acrylic shower screens are easy to wipe down, while glass ones are easier to clean but can be a little more expensive.

Why Planning and Preparation Go a Long Way

Choosing the best products is one way of having a successful renovation. However, it would be best to keep in mind that maintenance plays a vital role in keeping them in the best shape. With the above checklist, you can get started on your bathroom renovation project and create a new space that you can enjoy. For more blogs and tips, be sure to visit Best Access Doors now, where we also provide quality access doors for your plumbing and renovation needs. Call us at 1-800-483-0823 for more details. 

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