Wall Coverings and Access Panels

Wall Coverings and Access Panels

Posted by Best Access Doors on 6th Feb 2019

Wall Coverings and Access Panels

Access panels help hide unsightly or critical items behind your walls yet give easy access to them without having to cut into drywall. Some of these items could include wiring, piping, air circulation units, heat pumps and even access to a storage space or attic. The panels are typically metal or plastic and come in almost any colour to match the room. When it comes to wall coverings that is almost purely based on style wheres access panels are based on a specific need or function.

When it comes to wall coverings and access panels, there is no limit to the variety, styles and features available on the market today. Everything from the simple steel access panel all the way up to the trendy barn wood wall coverings there is always a lot to consider. Most wall coverings are for aesthetics only; however, access panels offer many different features and styles including:

  • Hidden flange access
  • Adjustable/removable access
  • Adjustable magnetic flexi-snap access
  • Draft stop
  • Flush door with flange
  • Fire rated
  • Insulated access
  • Heavy duty
  • Air and watertight
  • Surface mounted
  • Gypsum panels
  • Recessed access
  • Security access
  • Plastic access
  • Valve access
  • Removable panel access
  • Large walk-through access

As you can see access panels aren't just for the simple needs of accessing something behind a wall, they can, in fact, be used for applications such as safe security or for keeping documents or precious items safe from fire or water damage.

With the number of options available, how do you narrow down exactly what you need? It is highly recommended that you speak with one of our professionals that can work with your needs and your budget - sometimes you may not even be aware of precisely what you need! Our professional staff have experience installing access panels and can significantly cut down on the amount of research needed. The critical thing to remember here is that planning is vital. Choosing an access panel should be done before the renovation stage - not during or near the end. By including the planned installation of an access panel, you are not only heading off possible issues later on in the process, but it allows you to put the proper sized panel in the perfect location. There is no point in having a larger access panel than needed, and nothing could be worse than planning to place it in an area of the wall that doesn't meet its need!

While some individuals out there have some experience with access panels we still suggest at least consulting with one of our professionals before installation. Once you have selected the proper access panel, it's time to install. Concerning equipment or tools needed to establish basic access panels it's quite minimal. For those do-it-yourself'ers here are the (general) main steps to fit and install an access panel:

  1. Remove the door from the access panel, so you are only working with the frame
  2. Cut a hole for the frame (you can simply use the inside of the access panels frame edge)
  3. Apply adhesive product onto the back/outside of the frame
  4. Insert the frame into the hole in the wall - this should be a tight snug fit
  5. Slide the door into the frame

Note: When dealing with renovations in a condo or in a home you are renting it is important to follow all legal requirements and regulations. As an example, all access doors may need to be a specific height/width for proper access, and they may also need to be fire-rated. Please check with the appropriate authority before renovation!

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