Why You Should Consider Access Panels for your Project

Why You Should Consider Access Panels for your Project

Posted by Best Access Doors on 4th Mar 2020

Access panels, for anyone who has never used or worked with one, may not realize the versatility in their purpose, let alone the benefits of anytime access panel.

For anyone looking to invest in an access panel for their next project, Access Doors and Panels share the benefits of access panels, where they are used, and why to go with an access panel.

Access panels through the time

Access panels originally came about as a means of enhancing security. They were put in place to protect and conceal from potential thieves. Since then, they have evolved and become

more than just about security. Now they are used to act as a sound barrier, to

create access, and sometimes, to allow for storage space.

Panel Versatility

Over time the access panel has evolved from a mere cloth to plastic, metal, and plaster.

For example, an insulated access panel can be installed to create easy access to cables, wires, and pipes. Not only do they create access, but the panel can also insulate from potential drafts or leaks.

So, you are considering working with access panels, where would you find them?

Wall Panels

Access doors installed in walls are versatile. From drywall to steel, or plastic, wall access doors are multi-functional and versatile. Did you know that with a wall access panel, you can create storage space behind your wall? For some commercial businesses, storage is sometimes limited.

Roof Panels

Many industrial buildings have a roof hatch of sorts – at Access Doors and Panels, we offer an array of roof hatches and panels. One of the things that one should keep in mind when looking

at roof hatches or doors is safe. One way of providing a safe method for accessing the roof hatch is with the use of a ladder.


Depending on the type of panel, and if there is already pre-existing ductwork, one can enhance

accessibility through access panels. Improving a commercial or industrial building requires professional installation.

Ductwork, specifically when an access panel is being installed, is meant to increase accessibility. It is not always easy to create accessibility, but with an access panel, now it is possible. Common areas where ductwork can be found are in kitchens or offices; ductwork can also be found in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

Access panels are much more than just about concealing the access way. They create accessibility to areas that aren’t always easy to access – which for individual tradesmen, such as plumbers

and electricians, this can make a whole world of a difference. Access panels can maintain the aesthetics, if not be altered.

They are a great way of not only enhancing the potential wall, roof, or ceiling, but access panels are designed to be versatile. From insulated to fire-rated, plastic to rated waterproof, access panels enhance space is functionality and usability.

No matter your needs, no matter your budgets, visit us at Access Doors and Panels. Our knowledgeable staff can offer guidance from start to finish with your project.

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