4 Restaurant Flooring Ideas To Consider

4 Restaurant Flooring Ideas To Consider

Posted by Best Access Doors on 18th Nov 2020

4 Restaurant Flooring Ideas To Consider

Opening and running a restaurant entails so much organization. There are so many decisions to make from choosing the staff to planning the menu and don’t ever forget the decor-- it is one of the essential parts of a restaurant because it creates the establishment's ambiance. Your restaurant's decor doesn’t end there even when you have already opened up your business because running a restaurant is a significant undertaking-- keeping up with the interior aesthetics, even more so. Most often, people worry more about the look of the tables and the wait staff, but what about the flooring?

The flooring is the foundation of your decor aesthetic, which is why it has to be both functional and safe. Unfortunately, it is easy to take the floor for granted and assume that no one would even care about what it looks like. But the truth is, your restaurant’s floor does more to add to the interior aesthetic value than you think. When it comes to quality flooring options, it is crucial to evaluate rules, especially about those allowed in regulated spaces and areas like prep areas. Moreover, it is also essential to check how well the floor holds up because if you cut corners and go for a cheap flooring option, it would wear out after some time. You might start seeing lumps, cracks, and an uneven surface.

So, what type of flooring should you use? There is a wide variety of choices for selecting a restaurant’s flooring, and you may be confused about whether you should go for a seamless look or a combination of several materials. If you don’t know where to start, you can take a look at these four restaurant flooring ideas.

1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Tiles or Planks)

One of the most well-known flooring materials out there when it comes to restaurants is luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT or Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring/LVP for the wood aesthetic. For more modern or classic decor, LVT flooring is commonly made to look like stone, metallic, or other abstract designs for modern or classic decor. If you’re looking for flooring like this, you should always look for the highest quality floor brands available.

There are various options for luxury vinyl tiles-- from different textile and texture overlays that bring a classy look on any establishment to the numerous color choices and hand-painted art on the flooring material; you will indeed have a beautiful floor that you can have for your restaurant for years. Just like all vinyl flooring, the maintenance for LVT is low, and it is durable as well that it can withstand countless foot traffic.

2. Eco-Friendly Resilient Flooring

If you want something that numerous restaurants have, one excellent choice is eco-flooring, which uses slip-retardant materials. If you are someone who continuously worries about your wait staff or customers slipping on the floors, a roll vinyl flooring will be ideal because it uses dynamic underfoot traction to make the floor impossible to slip. Other restaurant floor ideas such as Armstrong’s biobased tile are not just right for the environment, but they are also affordable alternatives to standard recycled composite flooring. Eco-friendly resilient flooring is durable and water-resistant, and all you need for maintaining it is through polishing. Also, you can have a visual appeal that’s stunning with this kind of flooring.

3. Commercial Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate is another good choice since it offers many unique visuals, as well as high resistance to different kinds of damage. You also have many options, especially if you’re looking for a more earthy style to your restaurant. You can even find a reclaimed wood look that adds real character to a restaurant in order to fit the theme. You can also mix old styles with the new to give the restaurant a unique look if you want a rustic environment.

4. Commercial Hardwood Flooring

You may also prefer using commercial hardwood flooring in your restaurant. Commercial hardwood floors are popular due to their perfect color and finishing balance, as well as extra durability. Moreover, this product is even more durable than traditional hardwood, making it the right choice if foot traffic is heavy.

Why Restaurant Flooring Matters

There is much to consider when selecting restaurant flooring-- from appeal and comfort to safety and durability. In short, restaurants face many daily demands. Just keep in mind the restaurant flooring you choose either for your own business or for your client’s business (if you’re a contractor) will definitely speak volumes. Although a restaurant’s floor may not be a huge discussion topic among restaurant guests, flooring is something that everyone interacts with, and it has an effect, whether subconsciously or otherwise. So, why does restaurant flooring matter?

1. First Impressions

As all of us know, whether restaurant-owners or not, first-time customers entering a restaurant will immediately assess their surroundings, and what they see will create expectations. What customers will first notice is the interior design of a restaurant, and this will include your flooring. If the floors of restaurants are dirty, damaged, or worn out, customers will expect a lower caliber of service and satisfaction. A restaurant with beautiful, appropriate flooring will substantially increase the chances of giving off good first impressions to first-time customers.

2. Lasting Impressions

Restaurant flooring must also give a lasting impression that goes beyond the first impression. Customers and guests should develop an emotional attachment to space and, by extension, the restaurant's brand. The restaurant flooring should be on-brand in both style and substance. If you aim for a chic, modern club, it is better to opt for a more neutral and sophisticated color like blue and gray. In any case, whatever choice you make, you have to ensure the restaurant flooring choice you make will match the feel of the brand that attracts and comforts guests.

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