9 Things To Dress Up That Empty Wall in Your Office

9 Things To Dress Up That Empty Wall in Your Office

Posted by Best Access Doors on 10th Sep 2020

9 Things To Dress Up That Empty Wall in Your Office

Do you have a large plain wall in your office that you're tired of looking at all the time? Blank walls are quite common. Wall decor is probably the most straightforward feature in your office that you can just change around and update at any given moment. It's fun and easy to keep your office space stylish, fresh, and fabulous with some handy, simple tips.

You don't really know what to do with that wall, but what you do know is the barren space that's driving you crazy, and you definitely have to do something about it. However, when you have a big, blank wall that you can mess around with, the first thought which enters your mind is to put up a gallery wall. Well, there's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, it's better to break up all of the flat framed artwork and put up something different. With today's many different interior designs, you can now incorporate baskets, brackets, wall sculptures, special paint effects, paint-dipped objects, and many more. Here are nine fantastic wall ideas to make your office space look great in an instant!

1. Hang a whole bunch of colorful baskets.

Why hang just one or two baskets when you can hang a bunch of them? It's a great idea to collect decorative woven baskets in many different sizes and colors. With an array of baskets, you can play around with various possible arrangements before hanging them on the wall. If you can't find colorful baskets, you can create your own out of plain baskets, by painting them inside and out with craft paint in different colors to match the entire area. Or if you're feeling a bit artistic, you can basically go crazy with the colors and be surprised with the outcome!

2. Layout giant letters.

When it comes to giant letters as a decorative option, there are endless possibilities for you to create them. You can choose from a ton of font styles to match what the words say. Lay them out to create your favorite words, sentences, or phrases and arrange them on the wall.Placing a series of lights around the edges of each letter gives it more emphasis. You might have seen this wall decoration in different pictures or movies, so you can grab inspiration from them to further suit your likings.

3. Add a dip-painted wall sculpture.

You don't need an artist to have a beautiful piece of dip-painted wall sculpture. You can actually craft your own by using whatever you can find at home or even outside of your office as long as they're unused. One example of dip-painted wall sculptures is with an old farm implement or wood-handled cooking tools and dip-painting them in brightly-colored paint to give them a modern twist. Once you've finished dipping them in paint, hang them on the wall and voila-- you've got a masterpiece that adorns your blank wall!

4. Make a graphic statement wall.

If you don't like baskets or wall sculptures, you can instead opt for a graphic statement wall. You can do this by painting a base color on your wall, and then taping off sections. Once done with the first coat, you have to paint the next layer in a contrasting hue. To create a random look, you have to vary the width of your taped-off stripes. You can also hang pictures and add-ons or just let the wall make a statement of its own.

5. Bring dimensions to your wall by using wall brackets.

If you want something else other than just hanging art directly on the wall, you can try setting it up with decorative wall brackets. With decorative wall brackets, you can boost visual interest while also being able to change things around whenever you feel like it. You can have vases one day and then framed prints the next.

6. Turn your hats into decoration.

Do you have cool hats as a collection? Don't let them hide behind closed doors. Put your trilbies, fedoras, cloches, bowlers, and skimmers on hooks and hang them on that blank wall for a functional display. If you don't have hats, you don't have to worry-- you can get the same effect with fancy necklaces. This type of wall decoration will certainly catch the attention of anyone who passes by it.

7. Add a huge map.

If you really like statement pieces, we recommend hanging one large framed map as a statement piece. You can come up with a feature wall as well with a collage of maps of different places. You can event put maps of the places you have visited or are planning to visit. The map on your wall can be a great conversational topic for when you're with your workmates and plan out where all of you would want to go in the distant future.

8. Add some style with framed paper.

Make your office colorful with framed paper. You can add lengths of wallpaper framed with a wooden wall or frame a gorgeous gift wrap for a budget take.

9. Hang something that has an interesting pattern.

You can find different unique wall hangings just about anywhere-- from metal sheets used to cover radiators, garden fencing, woven screens, baskets, punched tin doors to almost anything. Use your imaginination and learn where to look: check your garage, attic and storage shed, and keep an eye out for those curbside freebies because you never know what you may find. Take your time and you will be successful in finding the right wall decor to suit any taste.

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