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Ceiling Finishes For Your Business

Ceiling Finishes For Your Business

Posted by Best Access Doors on 16th Jan 2019

Ceiling Finishes For Your Business

When it comes to industrial and commercial properties, a client often thinks that they are limited to the options of  ceilings and panels; however, the truth is, there are endless possibilities. Best Access Doors shares a common ceiling finishes that contractors and builders would recommend to their clients along with access panels that can enhance functionality.

Conventional Ceiling 

This type of ceiling is commonly used in many residential and commercial buildings. It offers a clean finish and is about 8 ft high. This type of ceiling is clean and smooth, it can also be customized to have specific openings. For example, if there is a need to create access to ductwork, a  drywall access panel can be specialized and inserted. The choice of using a drywall access panel means it can be customized and blended to suit surroundings, from paint and material.

Tray Ceiling 

Tray ceilings are an appealing aesthetic ceiling and are typically found in high-end offices, they can also be found in residential settings – usually the kitchen or dining room as they create an illusion of more space. Tray ceilings are best described as a rectangular cutout. This type of ceiling is also accompanied by decorative mouldings. The indent of the space is typically about 6 inches to a foot in depth.

Suspended Ceiling 

Also known as a drop-down ceiling, this is a standard ceiling of choice in commercial properties. The downfall with this one ceiling choice is that it can make a room seem smaller and shorter. On the upside though, suspended ceilings are a great choice in concealing wirings, plumbing and any un aesthetically appealing fixtures. Similar to an access panel, a suspended ceiling can be quickly moved for those needing to gain access. An added perk to this type of ceilings is that they offer an added form of soundproofing and  insulation – which is unlike some of the ceilings choices available in the market.

Coved Ceiling

Caved ceilings are ones that are shaped like a dome, as opposed to the standard straight and flat ceilings. This type of ceiling can be found in businesses, as well as historical buildings. The design of a coved ceiling gives an illusion of smooth transitioning with no sharp edges. Dramatic and an architectural masterpiece. Due to the artwork that is often found on these ceilings, they can hide access panels and passages. 

Shed Ceiling

Shed ceilings are designed with an upward slant slop and can add extra space to a building, especially in residential ones. This type of ceiling, while structurally can increase space, it also provides greater ventilation and insulation than ordinary ceilings. 

Beam Ceiling

This type of ceiling is common in industrial and commercial properties; however, this style is slowly becoming popular among homeowners and builders. Beam ceilings are ones that use load-bearing beams to maintain and support the structure – whether that be the roof or the actual building itself. While beam ceilings are typically made with wood, they can also be made with steel or reinforced metals. 

Ceilings are just as important of a building feature as the floor and the walls. At Best Access Doors, we offer an array of panels to suit all your ceiling and functioning needs. For more on the panels we carry, visit our inventory at

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