How Does Your Plumbing System Work?

How Does Your Plumbing System Work?

Posted by Best Access Doors on 8th Sep 2021

How Does Your Plumbing System Work?

Any building should have all of the necessary components to achieve functionality. Lighting, appliances, and gadgets won't operate without proper and functional electrical wiring. A plumbing system also plays a major role in ensuring the proper functioning of a building.

Some building owners who don't know how their plumbing systems work do not know how to take care of it. They usually leave it to plumbers to fix it when something goes wrong, making it unideal to have no knowledge basis. Fortunately, Best Access Doors is here to show you the basics of how commercial plumbing systems work.

The Four Main Components of Plumbing Systems

A plumbing system has four essential components to make it work effectively. Those components include:

  • Supply System

It is a system that supplies clean water into your building, ensuring that it's safe enough for skin contact or ingestion. The supply system has enough pressure to send it through multiple levels in a building. In some cases, plumbing contractors might add a powerful motor to help increase the pressure and send water to the higher levels of the building.

As a building owner, knowing where to locate the shut-off valve in an emergency is important. At one point, the weather will get cold, and it can cause the pipes to freeze or crack. Once that happens, pressure will build up, causing it to burst, which cuts off your building's water supply to specific areas. You also have to deal with the flooding brought by the damaged pipes.

  • Stop Valves

Plumbing contractors will always recommend that you install multiple stop valves to control the flow of water properly. The stop valves let you shut off the water supply in a specific building area while still providing water to different locations. Placing multiple stop valves also allows your plumbers to do their jobs faster and more effectively. Ensure to look for a plumbing contractor to build concealed plumbing systems and hide the stop valves in discrete areas.

  • Drainpipes

When you use water for dishwashing or bathing, the dirty water needs to go somewhere. Drain pipes take the dirty water out of the building and into the public sewer system. Usually, gravity pulls down the drain water when it passes through the drain pipes, but contractors nowadays use air vents to push the water and allow it to pass through smoothly.

  • Traps

When examining your drainage system, you may notice an S-curved pipe underneath your drain. That is the trap that protects dirty water from coming back out of the drain. Traps also have clean-out plugs that you can use to clean the debris stuck inside the pipes.

Now that you know the four main components of plumbing systems and how they work, you should take better care of them. You can also let Best Access Doors help you create a better plumbing system by using our products. Call us now at 1-800-483-0823 to learn more about the products we have to offer. 

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