Common Plumbing Issues Commercial Buildings Experience

Common Plumbing Issues Commercial Buildings Experience

Posted by ​Best Access Doors on 7th Jul 2021

Common Plumbing Issues Commercial Buildings Experience

Addressing plumbing concerns in any commercial building is a vital part of office operations, as it is necessary for all customers and clients. And common plumbing problems can be easily fixed by expert plumbing services through their professional diagnostic procedure. Therefore, it is essential to immediately assess what could inhibit your business, like a problem with your plumbing system. Following are some common plumbing problems that commercial buildings face.

Faucet Leaks

When there is a leaking faucet, it may be easy to ignore since it might be mistaken for a minor issue. While it is one of the most common problems in commercial buildings, it can cause a severe problem of the other parts of the facilities like electrical components if not addressed immediately.

Low Water Pressure/Water Supply Line Leakages

In commercial buildings, the potable water pressure supply can be affected by the sediments or deposits and buildups on the plumbing system, mostly on faucet aerators. And sometimes, pipeline breaches leading to the building can cause a low water pressure supply. Therefore, it is considered emergency plumbing work that needs to be done by professional plumbers to have enough water supply for the whole building.

Water Temperature Issues

Water heaters in commercial buildings wear down faster, so it is advisable to regularly inspect the system every few months to ensure that it runs in good condition. If you notice these problems with your hot water supply, cleaning the water heater might help to solve the problem. However, if the issues persist, there might be other issues involved, then professional plumbing service is required for this job.

Toilet Clogs

No matter what business you are running, toilets in commercial buildings get more often used compared to home toilets. Even though its design can withstand heavy usage, they are likely to experience clogs. Unfortunately, toilet plunging is not an assurance to unclog the pipeline. It needs a thorough inspection by a professional plumber to unclog your commercial toilet.

Running Toilet

Running toilets is that it is seemingly flushing at random intervals or continuously draining water. It is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your toilet water supply line. If it happens in your toilet, you need immediate action for this problem before it starts costing your money on your water bills.

Broken Toilet Handles

Toilet handles in commercial buildings often break because of excessive use that can weaken faster. The plumbing technology has introduced automatic sensor touch-free toilets because it can conserve water, and it also omits toilet broken handles issues.

Toilet Drain Pipe Leakage

Toilet drain pipe leakage causes severe damage to the building, and it can produce an unwanted odor in the space. It is considered a silent problem at first as the drain pipeline is located mainly in hard-to-reach areas like walls and ceiling, but if not addressed, it can cause vital problems to the building and occupants. Therefore, preventive maintenance and regular inspection from experts are required. Having GENERAL PURPOSE or VALVE BOXES can allow easy access for inspection and help avoid such things from happening.

Sewer Odor

If the restrooms give off an unwanted smell even after thorough inspection and cleaning, there could be a problem with the sewer. In addition, blockage in sewer lines can impact the reputation of having a stinky restroom for your tenants and clients. Regular checks on the sewer can prevent these issues from happening.

Structural Damages

Commercial building structural damages are avoidable, especially if the building is older than ten years. Problems such as ceiling and wall cracks, soil displacement, foundation structure problems, and a flawed drainage system can cause many vital plumbing problems. An expert plumber is required to assess the plumbing system integrity to prevent expensive repairs and renovations.

Silent Leaks

It can be challenging to detect silent leaks until it is too late. If you notice an unusual spike on your water bill, that is a good indication that there might be a leak on your water line somewhere. Hiring commercial plumbing services is needed to check the whole plumbing system to locate and fix the leak. Silent leaks are dangerous and might cause health problems from toxic molds if not addressed.

Hairline Leaks

Hairline leaks are those tiny cracks in the concrete where the plumbing lines are passing. It is mainly located in the basement of the building and ceilings because most water leakage comes from the water supply and water drains. But in large commercial buildings such as a condominium, leaks are common in sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens. A professional plumber can assess this kind of concern because sometimes they need to break the concrete to inspect the line.

Addressing plumbing problems is vital, and even though they may be frustrating, they are part of our daily lives. Plumbing works can be hazardous because they contain high water pressure inside the pipe, leaving this work to the professionals. However, you can quickly repair some of these problems. Remember, a well-functioning plumbing system in a commercial building can attract more clients and tenants to the building.

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