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Know the Key Differences between a BA-BP-58 and a BA-BP-II-58

Know the Key Differences between a BA-BP-58 and a BA-BP-II-58

Posted by Best Access Doors on 14th Sep 2022

Know the Key Differences between a BA-BP-58 and a BA-BP-II-58

Want to know the key difference between a BA-BP-58 access door from a BA-BP-II-58 access door to make a more informed choice? While they may look the same at first glance, there are significant differences between the two that make them more suitable for different construction applications. Both doors offer a near-invisible finish. Take a deep dive to discover the main feature that could make the difference in your choice:

The BA-BP-58 Access Door

The BA-BP-58 Access Door

The first of its kind, BA-BP-58, is functional and aesthetically pleasing with a removable door panel. This access door blends perfectly with the existing surface with a concealed hinge and ½" drywall layer. It features sturdy and durable recessed aluminum extrusion and a unique concealed non-corroding two-point pin hinge, which you have the option of removing.

Latch options include:

  • Screwdriver-operated cam latch
  • Torx head cam latch
  • Cylinder style lock and key
  • Touch latch (concealed)

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Key Benefits of BA-BP-58

Key Benefits of BA-BP-58

Easy Installation

Available in standard and customized sizes, BA-BP-58 is favored by construction trades because it's so quick and easy to install.


Like most of our doors, BA-BP-58 is known for its durability. Despite the seamless finish and the easy installation, this type of access door is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and mold.


While this access door is ideal for wall installations, it also works on ceilings. It is best suited to applications requiring hinges. The concealed hinge is removable where maximum door clearance is needed. It comes in varied sizes and latches according to your needs.

The BA-BP-II-58 Access Door

The BA-BP-II-58 Access Door

Like its predecessor, the BA-BP-II-58 is also known for its invisible finish. But while the BA-BP-58 is ideal for walls requiring hinges, the BA-BP-II-58 is suitable for all types of walls and ceilings, including drywall, plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, sheetrock, or even gyprock.

Known to be innovative and economical, having a BA-BP-II-58 access door installed offers guaranteed acoustic integrity bought to it by its continuous perimeter gasket; it is also moisture resistant. Its perimeter gasket ensures that the door is air and smoke tight. (Not fire-rated).

Also made of recessed aluminum extrusion, the BA-BP-II-58 Access Door comes with a frame that acts as a finishing edge. Its doors have safety cables to ensure security and a standard concealed touch latch. You can choose different latches:

  • Cam Latch
  • Tamper-resistant cam latch
  • Key lock

Key Benefits of BA-BP-II-58

Key Benefits of BA-BP-II-58

Acoustic Integrity

Soundproofing with the use of gypsum is a very well-known innovation in the construction trade. Depending on the thickness of the gypsum wallboard (GWB), BA-BP-II-58 provides acoustic integrity, preventing sound transmission through the frame.


The BA-BP-II-58 virtually invisible panel is also known for its adaptability. Install on all kinds of walls and ceilings with different surfaces like drywall, plasterboard, and wallboard. The door comes with safety cables for maximum security. You can opt for a free pivoting hinge or simply remove the door.

Seamless Finish

Just like its predecessor, this access door is nearly invisible when installed. You can add surface treatments to match the surroundings.

Choosing an access door doesn't have to be complicated; with the proper comparisons and knowing your needs, you will find one that is perfect for you. For a more straightforward comparison between the BA-BP-58 and the BA-BP-II-58, review the table below and choose. While both offer countless benefits, you should choose the one that most closely meets all your needs.




  • Ideal for walls (can be used on ceilings)
  • Preferably surfaces that need hinges
  • Designed for drywall
  • Perfect for walls and ceilings
  • Designed for drywall, plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, sheetrock, or gyprock


  • ⅝” drywall inserted into door panel
  • ½” also available
  • Moisture resistant GWB inlay
  • Lift-out doors with safety cables


  • Recessed aluminum extrusion with an edge comparable to drywall bead.
  • Recessed aluminum extrusion
  • Frame acts as finishing edge- 1/16" (2mm) gap between frame and door


  • Unique concealed non-corroding two-point pin hinge
  • Free pivoting hinge
  • Door can be removed for maximum clearance


  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Strong concealed aluminum extruded frame and hardware


  • Mill finish
  • Can match the surrounding drywall surface
  • Apply your choice of surface treatments to the door


  • Screwdriver operated cam latch
  • (Optional): Tamper-resistant Torx head cam latch, cylinder lock, and key, concealed touch latch
  • Concealed touch latch
  • (Optional): Cam latch, tamper-resistant cam latch, keyed lock

Additional Features

  • Functionality and aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy installation
  • Perimeter gasket (air & smoke tight)
  • Acoustic integrity with its continuous perimeter gasket

Place Your Order!

Place Your Order

The BA-BP-II-58 provides additional features and benefits compared to its predecessor, which makes it ideal for new construction, repairs, and industrial, commercial, and residential projects. The BA-BP-58 is a great choice where the added features of BA-BP-II-58 are not required.

Call us at 1-800-483-0823 if you have more questions or want to place your order. Remember, both doors can be customized - just let us know what you need!

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